In the new “Batman” showed a new Catwoman

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In the upcoming Batman project from DC Comics showed what the new version of Catwoman would look like, the role of which was approved by actress Zoe Kravitz. The new version of the familiar character surprised many comic book fans.

Footage with the new Catwoman in the movie “Batman” with Robert Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) showed the enthusiast after it became known about who will play Catwoman. According to, on the new frames, Zoe Kravitz depicted cats in a black suit with some familiar elements, such as sharp metal claws, ears and red safety glasses. At the same time, the image of Catwoman in the new “Batman” turned out to be more exotic than other versions of the heroine because of the appearance of the actress. Zoe Kravitz is best known for her films Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Green de Wald, Mad Max: The Road of Fury, Divergent, X-Men: First Class, and others. Late last year, Batman director Matt Reeves announced that it was Kravitz who would become Selina Kyle in his movie trilogy.

It is worth noting that while the actress Zoe Kravitz in the image of Selina Kyle in the new “Batman” was not shown officially, unlike Bruce Wayne himself in a full Bat costume. In addition to Batman and Catwoman, the Riddler (Edward Nigma), the Penguin Man (Oswald Cobblepot), and, according to the latest data, the Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) will also appear in the new picture. The mystery will be played by Paul Dano, Penguin will be depicted by Colin Farrell, and who will play the Scarecrow has not yet been named.

The release of the new Batman movie, which will be the first part of a future trilogy, is scheduled for June 21, 2021, reports. Recently, the number of materials on the film is growing rapidly, since filming has already started. It is not yet known when the first trailer for the new Batman will be released, but this should happen in the coming months.

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