In the kitchen with Link

Cooking is an art. There is little to go around. It takes time, passion and fantasy to become starred chefs. In any case, not everyone has the time or the intent to get so much, but the fact of having to put something under their teeth leads people to take the street of the stove.
 Often, fast food is good enough to satisfy their needs, but in addition to finishing with a thousand triglycerides, it is also impossible to hope to conquer the heart of a young donut with a simple burger, less than that of one princess like Zelda. And here, with these three rules, you can avoid making a good deer fillet a nauseous mousse, or to put stones in the preparation, believing they are spices going to break your teeth and the unfortunate girl.
All in fact, with the necessary indications, they can begin to try and succeed in not being able to do something that is sufficiently digestible and even appetizing.
1 – Decide the ingredients, 
The goodness of a plate originates precisely in its raw materials. Putting on top-quality foods gives ample opportunities to make the final result more tasty; always pay attention to coloring the dish and offering different varieties of the same
type of food. With some Hyrulino you can make a simple skewer, but with so many fungi you can realize a real taste of flavors; a steak on the irons will also be good, but you want to put as much as a mixed grill can be delicious?
If you want to push you further and try the most advanced recipes, always remember that there are elements that you do not want to
propose on your own, especially in a galating dinner. For example, it is advisable to melt concentrate in milk or add butter especially when dealing with a stew, soup or cake.
Each ingredient belongs to a category, each with a different propensity to heat, refresh and many others that we will see in the following paragr
aph, but depending on the quality or the “degree” will be greater the beneficial effect that it can cause it to arise. The important thing is to avoid using monstrous things
In the kitchen with Link
2- A taste note is always good
Variety is fine, we all agree, but often when we want to give a special touch to a dish it is good to know how to use the right quantities and to direct the taste to a single flavor so as not to confuse the palate. Spicy, for example, able to invigorate and heat muscles, can be obtained with a caldoperone. But be careful to always use it with something else to make it all i
ts properties; if you want to create an explosion of flavor you can also use two or three in the same recipe, but we advise you to keep fresh water handy to flame into your mouth. In the same way we can make rejuvenating, insulating, semifredd, fire-retardant dishes, etc.
Some ingredients are easy to find, others are typical of some climatic zones, but with a minimum of preparation and with the sensor of your Sheikah tablet available, it really does not take much to do with flakes.
In the kitchen with Link
3- First Experiment … or ask your grandmother
This rule should always be followed! Do not hesitate for a galore appointment to miss out on recipes that you have never experi
enced. You could make disgusting or even poisonous foods, ending with killing the poor Zelda in a much more horrible way than Ganon could ever have imagined. For this reason, take single portions of raw material and see if the mix you made is edible or not. When you have found a good recipe, try changing quantity and detail to see if it can become even more tasty.
Every once in a while you get some tasty recipes, then when the moon is red, then the fear that a monster can enter your home will always bite the oven temperature at the first stroke. If you do not want to miss out on a tiny number of trials and try it out, at this point, the only thing I can suggest is to start asking the country old people, if not even your grandmother. T
hey always know more than the devil, and you are certain they can give you more than one indication to structure the basis of all the recipes that Hyrule has ever seen: do not hope, however, that at first try to become as good as theirs!