In the first year, the Xbox Series X will not receive any console exclusives – all Microsoft games will be released on the Xbox One

Games from indoor studios Microsoft, developed exclusively for nextgen, will begin to appear no earlier than a year after launch Xbox Series X. Information on this in an interview with the British edition MVC confirmed by the head Xbox Game Studios Matt Butie. In other words, in the next two years, all the new Microsoft will be released for the Xbox One along with the Xbox Series X and PC.

“The games that will be released this year and next year will be available on the entire family of our devices. This is done so that users who invest in the Xbox now, before the release of Series X, are confident that they did the right thing, and we are committed to providing them with appropriate content support, “Buti explained.

Although the console will not have its exclusive games at the time of the launch of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will take care to demonstrate the power of the new console and its capabilities using selected franchises as an example Halo.

“Our approach is to select one or two IPs, which we will pay special attention to, and release them at the launch of the console, demonstrating all its capabilities,” said Buti, citing Halo: Infinite as an example.

For the first time in more than 15 years, we will launch a new console simultaneously with the game of the Halo series. Developers will definitely take advantage of Series X. “

Xbox Series X kicks off worldwide this fall.

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