In that play this week: Theseus, Sundered, Pressure Overdrive and other releases

Current game week again brought us a number of small but significant projects. They’re all in front of you!

Super Cloudbuilt

Developer : Coilworks, Double Room Eleven convenience
Publisher : Double Room Eleven convenience
platforms List: the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
Twenty-fifth of July came a dynamic action-platformer the Super Cloudbuilt . In the story the main character by the name of Demi in a state of coma. Meanwhile, her soul, chained in a technological armor, travels a certain astral dimension, complete testing and enemies. To return to your own body, the girl would have to run on the walls, flying on jetpacks and wage fierce battles at high speeds.

Pressure Overdrive

Разработчик: Chasing Carrots
Издатель: Chasing Carrots
Список платформ: Xbox One, PS4, PC
On the same day it went on sale arcade shooter RV Pressure the Overdrive . The action takes place in a parody stimpankovoy universe. You will join the ranks of the revolutionary organization under the laconic title “La Protest” and challenge the insidious Count de Washing. Suck my steam clunker, buy new guns and kill minions tycoon on thirty different routes. Joint races with friends are welcome.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Developer: Ironward
Publisher: Nkidu
platforms List: the PC
Twenty-Sixth of July saw the light shutemap the Solstice Chronicles: MIA . Earth was struck a terrible virus, which is why most of the world’s population died. The remnants of humanity have been forced to move to Mars, but everything got worse. Around the devastating storms and bloodthirsty mutants. The player takes on the role of the cynical mercenary who is not lucky enough to be the last survivor of the colony is completely exterminated. In fact, we have all the same last year Doom, but in perspective and with a clever bot as a partner.


Developer : Forge Reply
Publisher : Forge Reply
platforms List: the PS4
Only for head-mounted display PS VR entered the game the Theseus . As you might guess from the name, we see another variation on the theme of the famous Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The authors decided to add elements of horror legend. Now maze populated by a horde of monsters, and the Minotaur turned into a giant monster, not like a bull. Yes and no saving thread in the trailers to be seen.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Developer : the Behold Studios
Publisher : the Behold Studios
list of platforms: the PC
The best seat at the table in the simulator company rolevikov finally returned. Twenty-seventh of July on personal computers and mobile devices out Galaxy of the Pen & the Paper – ideological continuation of the hit Knights of Pen & Paper from the same developer. Before us again a tactical RPG, where all the charm of an abundance of cultural references and exquisite imitation of a board game. Create a party and Gamemaster and go towards an imaginary adventure. Now in space!


Developer : Thunder Games is the Lotus
Publisher : Thunder the Lotus Games is
a list of platforms: the PS4, the PC
Twenty-eighth day of July went on sale the new work from the makers of two-dimensional slasher Jotun, called sundered . At this time, our attention is invited to the classic metroidvaniya incredibly cute, hand-drawn picture. The player takes on the role of Ash – putnitsy that wanders through the devastated world and confronts the forces of chaos.