Powerful and hot: DELL XPS 15 9500 notebook review

Company Dell produces premium versions of laptops in both the gaming and home segments. The middle model from the series has reached us DELL XPS 15 processor-based Intel Core i7 tenth generation. The official price for a similar package is about 140 thousand rubles, but there may be differences, since laptops may have different amounts of memory or hard drive sizes. The cost of the top-end configuration based on Core i9 reaches 370 thousand rubles. Let’s return to the test sample, though.


DELL XPS 15 comes in a thick, flesh-colored cardboard box with a plastic handle. Inside is a premium black packaging protected by cardboard frames. It houses a laptop in a packing film, and two compartments contain a charger and a Type-C to USB 3.0 hub adapter. Now all laptop manufacturers are rejecting standard USB connectors towards Type-C.


The laptop starts automatically when you open the lid, even if it was turned off. On the one hand, this is convenient, but on the other, if you decide to wipe the dust, you will have to turn off the laptop. The buttons on the keyboard are large and soft, with a uniform stroke and a distance of 1.33 mm. The font is applied perfectly. The keys themselves are backlit, which makes working in low light conditions as comfortable as possible. The touch panel is the largest among notebooks, ideally recessed into the case. At the same time, the keyboard is quite easily soiled – marks remain on it with regular use.


The laptop is made of aluminum in a constructivist style with a beveled back. Due to the use of alloy, it weighs almost two kilograms, and it is a rather risky decision to open the lid with one hand, especially when it is under weight.

The cover is rigid and does not bend. The laptop does not have a separate outlet for the power supply and is charged via Type-C. To achieve maximum compactness, the creators generally abandoned all outputs, except for Type-C and a card reader.

The slots are normal for the input and output of portable Flash-devices, but the memory cards do not stick out very well from the card reader from Realtek.

Heating in applications is noticeable. If you keep the laptop on your lap, you can feel a strong heat 1-2 minutes after starting a heavy program or game. The laptop weighs 1896. The overall dimensions are 22x35x1.5 cm. The screen-to-body ratio is 92.9%. The thickness of the considered DELL XPS 15 is 1.5 centimeters.


The laptop comes with a rechargeable Li-Pol battery (84292 mWh according to the passport) from Dell itself, which belongs to the 70N2F95 series. In standard mode (surfing the Internet, reading or working in editors), one hundred percent charge will last for 6 hours. The battery lasts for 8 hours for movies.

The computer itself was produced in May 2023. Inside it is an Intel Core i7-10750H processor, 3500 MHz, two 8 GB SODIMM DDR4 memory sticks with a maximum frequency of 3200 MT / s from Hynix, a 1024 GB SSDPEMKF010T8 solid-state disk drive (NVMe) from Intel, an integrated Killer network adapter (R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650s 160MHz, video adapter based on Intel (R) UHD Graphics processor (1 GB) and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6. Intel Comet Point-LP PCH – cAVS is used as a sound solution.

The DELL XPS 15 comes with a 15-inch (336x210mm) SHP14D1 IPS touch panel from Sharp with a resolution of 1920×1200. The brightness is 426 nits. There is no PWM. Minor bleeding is visible in the upper right corner, the screen supports 100% sRGB color gamut. 16:10 aspect ratio allows you to watch movies and TV shows more comfortably. True, in the sun the coating glares, so you have to twist the brightness to maximum.

In standard mode, AIDA64 shows the following temperatures:

  • CPU – 99 ° C
  • DIMM – 51 ° C
  • Chipset – 56 ° C
  • GPU – 54 ° C
  • SSDPEMKF010T8 NVMe INTEL 1024GB – 33 ° C

CrystalDisk Info tests indicate an average SSD temperature of 35 ° C. The disk speed in Crystal Disk Mark was 3084 MB / s for reading and writing 1352 MB / s. And this is below the values ​​of competitors, for example, the Huawei MateBook X.

AS SDD, as always, shows slightly more modest values: 2368 mb / s for reading and writing 886 mb / s, respectively. It’s not very clear why the recording level is so low.

In gaming applications, we ran basic tests. Unigine showed at medium settings at 1080p from 33 to 56 FPS. Final Fantasy XV Benchmark found the system to be good and gave it 4331 points. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the average FPS was fixed at 42. Other games, including Doom and Fortnite, ran smoothly.

The DELL XPS 15 does a good job not only with games, but also with YouTube videos or movies.

Next to the keyboard, there are two upward-facing four-speaker grilles on either side. The sound is deep and rich, and the bass does not destroy the musical structure. But with all the positive features, DELL XPS 15 still has unresolved problems: with two fans, it gets very hot (the processor almost reaches the maximum 100 degrees without overclocking), the memory works at lower values, the battery life in games is limited in offline mode by one and a half hours of operation … If there is any antivirus in the system, then you will lose about 30 minutes more time. And it’s not fun at all.

Otherwise, if you want a real top, from the DELL XPS 15 series you should pay attention to the older model with a higher resolution and a more powerful processor. But the price there will be almost exorbitant.

Author: Alexander Loginov (XTR)

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