In Stardew Valley, you can play right in the Tesla electric car – Igromania

Popular game Stardew valley will soon officially appear on the on-board computers of Tesla electric vehicles. About it reported on Twitter Ilon Musk. It is assumed that this will happen in firmware update 1.4, however, it is hardly worth hoping for multiplayer.
Previously there were already available Cuphead, Fallout shelteras well as some classic games Atari. For this, the Tesla Arcade service was used. At the same time, like other games, Stardew Valley will be available for free.

In addition, expected Lost backgammon and some other projects as part of the holiday update. And in this update, software is expected to appear, which will add a preliminary version of the autopilot.

Note that the games for Tesla are displayed on the screen of the on-board system, and the buttons on the steering wheel or the USB controller are used for control. However, to start the game you need to park the car, otherwise the system simply will not allow you to escape from the controls.