In Patron’s urban planning strategy, the social part is more important than the technical

Independent studio Overseer Games announced its debut project: city-building simulator Patron with elements of survival and a unique social model. Players will have to transform the village into a thriving city while dealing with tangled social problems.

The players are waiting for the already familiar elements of urban planning strategy, an extensive technology tree and the construction of production chains. But as the population grows, its social dynamics change, and we are faced with other tasks.

At Patron, we have to deal with complex social issues: religion, immigration, loyalty, poverty. And if our direction of action coincides with the aspirations of any individual city dweller, then his happiness grows, and vice versa.

The accumulated contradictions can lead to a social explosion, and many of the consequences of the decisions made appear only after many years. In addition, the city has to constantly face various natural disasters and routine changes.

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