In Hunt seek beta testers – review

Polish studio Corpix games announced that it is preparing to release a hunting simulator Reptiles: In Hunt. Work on the game is almost complete, but the creators need the help of voluntary testers.

To make sure that the players get the best experience from the release version of the game, the creators want to hear as many reviews as possible from a variety of people. Those who want to get acquainted with the process of hunting for dinosaurs can fill out a questionnaire and wait for an invitation.

Reptiles: In Hunt is very similar to the previous work of Corpix Games, a third-person shooter Dinosis survival. However, now everything will become more complicated and larger, starting from the assortment of monsters to be killed and ending with the players’ abilities.

Reptiles: In Hunt takes place 200 years after the apocalypse. Now dinosaurs rule the world again, but we will have to challenge them in order to save our son. And in order to acquire weapons for this, you have to look for abandoned settlements of people.

Studio publishers of Reptiles: In Hunt Games operatorsrecently released a successful simulator 112 Operator, and the famous Polish publishing house Playway. On PC, the game will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

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