I liked the conquistadors? The Vikings will be even better.

Expeditions: Conquistador, turn-based RPG in 2013 with an abundance of decisions and their consequences, had a glorious game. Its authors – Logic Artists, released into the Clandestine last year, just from selected then topic – non-linear role-playing adventure about an expedition to distant lands – do not give up. At the beginning of 2017 to replace the barely collect the necessary sum on Kickstarter conquistadors come Vikings.

Impressions of Expeditions: Viking

After burying his father, you accept the title of the leader of a small village somewhere in medieval Denmark. And a whole bunch of problems. Some detractors simply want to kill you, others want to do all the decorum and dignified (your life they do not need, they hunt for the title and power – even a little), and some banal robbing, they feel weak settlement.

Somehow I understood with emergency issues, we understand that the real enemy is strong and powerful. And to prepare for such a confrontation, you need to swim across the sea – the mysterious England. But there in the preview version is not allowed.

As Conquistador, Viking has two (from the experience of the last game will assume that very unequal) parts: the beginning of our story takes place in Denmark, and the most interesting, perhaps, it will be somewhere in the West.

Impressions of Expeditions: Viking

From funny moments immediately attracts the attention of a global map, on which nothing happens. As we move from one key to another location, you can open the campsite – if you drive out of them some rogues out there, you can be treated, vacation, etc. But everything else I opened only on orders from the writer.

The marshes was something wrong? That location is the “Marsh” was opened. As a result, there are three simple Ambala kill passersby, but along the way you can find something else. Interesting and useful.

The Expeditions no magic and fantasy – only hard life and the harsh truth of life. For example, we need to improve their settlement. And at an affordable campaign it seemed to me that how to tackle it will only be possible after release.

Impressions of Expeditions: Viking

But there are things that a lot of questions right now. The Expeditions like and simple, but not very convenient fighting system, which in conjunction with the awkward interface allows you to catch a few extra poking lance. In general, the fact that a good archer does more damage than his opponent, preferring to melee weapons (but not a spear!), I have a lot of puzzled. It is very frustrating when you stuck in a boom, but is getting hit on the head with a sword better ?!

In role-playing system, a lot of nuances: there are already several tabs for the different kinds of skills, although not available for now.

But the harmony of The Age of Decadence I do not feel it. As in that game? If you are good and clever warrior, then it is difficult to get, and you yourself and you hit more often and harder! Expeditions in each peel once (the ability to does not count!), A shield that can take the hit, “triggered” a little too selective and all the fights seem to be some kind of labored … what?

Impressions of Expeditions: Viking

Until the full nonlinearity of the same The Age of Decadence game away. No, they are not neighbors in the genre, Expeditions tends rather to the TV series The Banner Saga, just there are moments in it, when it is possible to solve the problem instead of trick or deceit fight. For this game definitely deserves praise, because there are many solutions and each something affected. It is said that even in the end will take into account our key actions.