Impact Winter

Climate changes
The development team has built Impact Winter on three pillars, the polar cold, the flow of time and teamwork , with the latter two representing the breakpoint over the rest of the survival game. The constantly subdued temperatures in fact contribute to a strong characterization of the game world: in Impact Winterthere is no space for zombies, aliens or monsters but enough a huge meteorite with a radius of 30 kilometers to make life a hell.
The impact with the celestial body, about two months earlier than the beginning of the adventure, has plunged the earth into an endless winter, the sun rays are shielded by thick clouds and almost all forms living on the planet nowadays belong to the past: plants or plant shapes are no longer traceable, animals count on the fingers of a hand, and even men, in a society at the time of collapse, are hopelessly wandering among the frozen earths and desolate.
Some survivors, however, managed to organize themselves and within a miraculous church, we find Jacob Solomon, the bearded protagonist of the adventure, along with a scattered but well-assorted array of people. Not many moments before that Impact Winter revealed all his cards. Although disturbed, the message delivered by Ako-light, the drone created by the engineer of the Christophe group, speaks clearly; within thirty days a rescue expedition will arrive near the church to retrieve refugees.
This is the spring that drives the player to rationalize resources, play team and venture into the void – the outer space covered by ice – in the company of Ako – light, in a well – structured map and painted a bit ‘ at once the points of interest and the resources discovered.
Impact Winter
Help me to help you
Impact Winteris a multifaceted game with mechanics borrowed from role play and clear roguelike. The task of the player is to survive for thirty days, not only using Jacob’s resources and abilities, but also exploiting the peculiar abilities of the various survivors, putting on a wise collaboration between the survivors.
In addition to Christophe, the team engineer responsible for Ako-Light’s upgrades, the semi-collapsed roof of the church also houses Wendy, group cook, Blane, ex-military surviving expert, and Meggie fixes it all. Each character is a vital resource for survival and has unique abilities based on his role, but is at the same time a sacrificial pawn: for example,
Maggie is very useful in reinforcing the refuge and keeping the Scavenger – the cyberpunk post-apocalyptic apartment mice behind – but nothing prevents her from dying a few days after the arrival of the rescue to save the last water supplies needed to Jacob, the only character to keep alive at all costs for all thirty days. Unlike other survival games,Impact Winter does not leave the player at the mercy of his chatting instinct, but puts him in front of a series of missions dictated by the other members of the group , which is why letting them die at one time is not a wise choice.
The system of stories, missions and rewards is one of the foremost elements of Impact Winter, also because accomplishing a goal, though with a rather artificial finding, the digital clock hands make a click forward, greatly increasing the hopes of survival.
Unfortunately, not all of the missions are perfectly successful and so we have been collecting old newspapers scattered among the crumbling houses or digging under the snow in search of yellow punk magazine just to delight Wendy or Maggie, who might well have a good read compared to a warmer environment.
Every character, including Jacob, is characterized by some vital parameters such as body temperature, happiness, thirst and hunger: compared to the beta, the steps taken by the IA are remarkable, but unfortunately the travel companions do not always shine with acumen and the instinct of survival leaves space for an innate desire for suicide, which is why no one ever ventures to break the bonfire in the center of the church, delegating this task to the sole Jacob.
The bearded protagonist is at the same time the only member of the team who can leave the church, but the moves must always be well planned and never too long, given the risk of seeing some traveling companions die.