Impact Winter

The thirty days, although each minute is a second in real life, are too long to wait for them in the shelter. The goal is to get reward points to lower the time and reduce the waiting time by completing missions. How you do it depends more on you. Yo

u can follow the missions of the inhabitants of the refuge who will be proposing ideas to Jacob , our alter ego, to improve the


habitat conditions or the Ako-Lite , a small robot that accompanies us, to accelerate the rescue. You can also fulfill missions of other Void survivors, as the impact zone is called, and achieve the desired reward points that reduce clock time.


Whatever you do, you will always have some impediment. The one in your backpack that forms the inventory is the most accused, being able to


load only a certain number of objects, so that you are ordered and prioritize the resources that you need most. If you complete the missions , they will ask you for specific objects, but then you will not be able to bring food or other materials to make objects that make our life in the shelter easier.



Classic options for a game that, although it manages to transmit that feeling of having to make important decisions in the management and prioritize the events that happen, since both your companions and the other survivors may die , it also seems too cold


and distant from the sensations that are capable of transmitting these games. The death of a partner or a survivor is alerted by a simple text message and we are rarely involved in the process.


Impact Winter analysis

The Void is an icy wasteland. We can scan areas to find resources, but the constructions that survive are the best option.

Perhaps this is because Impact Winter is a title that could practically be handled through menus. Except for the long and slow exploration of the


frozen wasteland and some animal hunting events, the interaction with the stage is reduced to approaching objects to look at their content and order your inventory. An inventory that does not make things easy for us, nor comforta


ble, having to manually organize the grid multiple times in order to carry more objects. In general, navigation through all the menusIt is not as easy as you could ask, since both with keyboard and mouse and with command they require too much until we re


ach the option we are looking for, breaking the rhythm of the game. A menu, in addition, of constant observation, because there are many times that we have died without any kind of warning because of an open wound, cold or lack of energy.


Impact Winter PC

We miss that ” something more ” that games of this type have

One of the best features is, without a doubt, the companions . Specializing each of them in a specific area, knowing their stories and

developing their missions will be the best way to get hooked on the adventure. In addition, fulfilling them will open the range of possibilities, creating better recipes for a more lasting meal, traps and materials for survival , constructions that improve the refuge or upgrade to Ako-Lite for an advanced explora
tion . As we get rescue points, in addition, we can unlock roles: advantages that will help our partners to be more efficient in one area, but always
to the detriment of another. The AI however, it is quite simple once we leave the refuge, because our partners will not eat, for example, if we do not assign the rations or are able to make decisions for themselves.


Impact Winter

We take refuge in a church with a staff of very specialized in each subject, which will help us survive until the rescue.

It does not help either the amount of bugsthat we have found in our game. Some of them will have a solution when you play them,


and in fact we have already received a patch that fixes some of them, but others are still present. From characters stuck in the snow


, inaccessible areas, visual aids and objects that disappear … It seems that Impact Winter will still need some more post-launch work, of which the studio has already insisted on being in it, as in the case of the loading times, long and that Mojo has promised to cut in half.


Graphically we have a title that does not pretend to stand out, but it does get it sometimes with a very original character design and a quite well represented climate representation, although with some fairly simple animations.


The small melodies also manage to convey the feeling of tension and helplessness, and although we do not miss the fact that they do not have voices, a location that sometimes forgets to translate some words and sometimes does it with little tact is more counterproductive.


Impact Winter PC

Despite the roughness that can result at first, Impact Winter is enjoyed if you are able to maintain interest beyond the first hours of play, when you start to reap the benefits of the first missions. But until then, it is possible that the game has lost you on


the way. If you do not, you will find a small work with a high level of replayability, since it is difficult that in your first game you have achieved all the objectives that are proposed. However, we miss that “something more” that games of this type have, that make each decision a real sacrifice, and really move us to the extreme conditions that the game wants to show.