We often associate the Himalayas with Tibetan Buddhism, Zen meditation and spiritual balance. Ubisoft turns all that upside down with this virtual trip to the snowy mountain range of the temples that is Far Cry 4 , a crazy journey driven by a new charismatic and deranged archenemy,

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

Pagan Min . who closely follows the footsteps of Far Cry 3 and his unforgettable villain Vaas . A compendium of Ubisoftstudios such as Ubi Montreal, Toronto, Kiev, Shanghai, and Red Storm have shaped this update of a title that ended up being a pleasant surprise ( Analysis Far Cry 5 ) on PC,


PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now, also on PS4 and Xbox One , this is another new ode to extreme survival in an open environment, beautiful and super hostile, the fantastic region at war of Kyrat , willing to, first of all, have fun from the perspective of the overwhelmed Ajay Ghale , new protagonist with certain correspondences with Hunk. Far Cry 4 has a lot of Far Cry 3, but at the same time leaves it behind to improve the set of ideas ..

The gala editor, also the hallmark of the remarkable but come to Assassin’s Creed Unity, has spared no expense to promote this new episode of what is already one of the favorite sandbox brands of many players. A very expensive Reality Show with Spanish


Youtubers has served as a great promotion of the game on the video server. We have seen a central position of the title at Sony’s E3 conference this year, or at several subsequent events. FC3 liked it very much and that this new installment would follow closely


and that talking seemed one of the priorities of the publisher, not precisely at its best after the controversy with the downgrades, bugs and sagas worn. All that string of controversies will not appear with this production, well made and supported technically, designed for the pure and simple game,

Far Cry 4 (360) ScreenshotFar Cry 4 (360) Screenshot

So, with this work we are facing a videogame focused on the essence of videogames: having fun. Let no one expect a groundbreaking, cinematic and unexpected story, or a series of totally new mechanics that will revolutionize the open worlds. No. In Far Cry 4 t


he whole approach is based on the freedom of action and confrontations and missions to solve creatively and satisfactorily, at our leisure, making Kyrat a playground where to follow the central plot and the often epic commissions at the same time that we get


distracted by anything along the way, we propose the personal challenge of improving the character or his team, or we simply dedicate ourselves to collect animals and plants to shape new objects and inventory. All this, yes, with a macabre tone,

Far Cry 4 (360) Screenshot

Family secrets

2624181-fc4_gamescom_sla_hunter.jpg screenshot

Caring for the background of the story and the characters involved in it, Far Cry 4 starts in a melancholy point, with the young American Ajay Ghalereturning to the land of his family to scatter the ashes of his mother by


Kyrat, an exile who He fled when the tyrant, sociopath and absolutist dictator Pagan Min -which is the one who has starred in the promotion campaign basically-, faced a civil rebellion against him. But what Ajay did not know was that his family was the one that rose 25 years ago in arms and started a conflict for the freedom of Kyrat that still exists.

We may be in the land of our ancestors to fulfill a last wish and no more desire than to carry it out and leave, but we are children of who we are.


The war is in the family DNA, and whether we want it or not, by setting foot in Kyrat, we are already part of the conflict, so there is only one possible decision: ” On what side are you, boy? ” Of course the contrary to the bloodthirsty


Min, but within Senda Dorada , the revolutionaries who try to overthrow the tyrant -which sounds a bit like the topic, but is a caring and well-raised character in his delusions, that is, a ‘Bad’ with charisma and as omniscient in the whole story as if it were a God-, there is a sub-division between radicals and traditional ones:

Far Cry 4 (360) ScreenshotFar Cry 4 (360) Screenshot

On one side are the supporters of Amita, willing to overthrow Pagan’s terror and bring prosperity to Kyrat at any price, even if that leads to destroying traditions and creating a thriving economy based on the lucrative drug business. On the other are those who


follow Sabal, precisely defenders of the ancestral traditions of the region, who only want peace to restore balance, culture, a legacy to new generations.


In itself the plot of Far Cry 4 is not one of its strengths, but this duality in the side of the revolutionaries serves to provide a duality of decisions in the system of missions, since the game will propose us to choose elections at specific moments.