Impact Winter

Like the new dinosaurs
Impact Winter’s incipitis not a surprise, but the only fact about a narrative sketch differs the title of Mojo Bones from the remaining 99% of the survivor game. Earth as we know it is just a faded memory and is now reduced to an immense land of desolate ice and snow after a 5 km wide meteor has struck the surface.
The effects have been made to feel, the sun’s rays have been shielded by a thick smell of fumes and this has led to a sudden drop in temperatures, causing the almost immediate extinction of plants and animals and a subsequent slaughter also among humans .
Under these extreme conditions it is impossible to talk about societies or communities, with the few survivors organized in small groups that occupy what remains of cities buried after the storms of the long winter, like the church where we find our protagonist.
Jacob Solomon is a man whatever, he has no superpowers and he is not a genetically modified soldier, but thanks to his leadership he assumes exactly what is the role of various Rick or Jack inThe Walking Dead or Lost.  Jacob becomes the leader of a scattered group of survivors whose survival hopes are kept alive by a mysterious message delivered by Ako-Light, a cute droid created by Christophe, the nerd engineer of the group.
Recording, although distorted and half deleted, appears clear: Thirty days will be rescue. From this hopeless hope it is in effect the path Impact Winter , a peculiar suvivor game where time takes on a fundamental role , unlike its kind, where agony has no fixed limit, lacking in the gambling experience a real goal.
In contrast, Impact Winter it plays all about the time factor, not only because of thirty days of expiration, but also because many of Jacob’s actions have the power to shorten this fatal lane and thus building a rabbit trap does not only have the advantage of getting more easily of food, but also to slide the clock hands faster.
Impact Winter
Dream team who?
To survive for a month, apparently, it should not be too complicated, if I were in a similar situation, I would reset my vital waist features on the couch by turning only the underpants if necessary to avoid unnecessary waste of energy but, why an underwear simulator would not have a lot of attention on the audience, either for constantly under-zero temperatures and frequent scavenger raids – do you have humans in The Walking Dead ? Exactly those – Impact Winter forces the player to continue collaborating with the scattered group of devoted faithful of the abandoned church.
The dynamics of relationships, contrasts, and tasks that engage among the disadvantaged companions are certainly one of the most pleasing variations on the subject of survival introduced by Mojo Bones, novelties which, however, conceal not a few pitfalls, unwanted and unintended: nothing prohibits ignore the rest of the team, the beautiful of Impact Winteris that the only real goal is to keep Jacob alone for thirty days, but to make the refugees lose their lives at a time means depriving them of their abilities and stories, thus reducing the chances of running over the clock X.
At the initial stage of the tutorial, the already mentioned Christophe, Wendy cook, Maggie mechanic and the redeem, as well as Blane survival techniques, each with their own special skills: Wendy is able to prepare dishes more substantial and nutritious, Christophe is the upgrader of the Ako-Light drone, while Maggie takes care of everything that makes the improvised shelter safer and more hermetic. Throughout this, Jacob plays the role of the conductor, but an orchestra that would not even move a muscle if not guided step by step by their leader.