Immortal Planet

Indeed, the story Immortal Planet and betrays a cynical grin of a tune up with the times and God destiny. Well, or a person who has changed in Planescape: Torment .

The action takes place on an icy planet, prison, doomed higher forces on the endless existence. Its inhabitants, the ancient immortal warriors who constantly are one and the same cycle of the constant death and rebirth, after which the memory is erased.

Someone sleeps in the cryo-chamber, and someone has gone mad from this eternal suffering and now wanders the corridors, attacking everything that moves. We just woke up – with no memory of the past, but with the desire to build a new future, uncover the dark secrets of the planet and find out here.

More precisely, this desire we infect rare counter-warriors, with whom you can exchange a few lines of text – they tell us hints about what is going on here, talk about our mission and instructed on the way.

In general, as in Dark Souls , everything is very gloomy, mysterious and really do not understand. Still, the main thing in Immortal Planet is not the plot (although the background it can not be named), and the battle.

Leap to victory

As in all these games, we will fight often, and just as often die before adapt himself, learn the habits and tactics of an enemy or a particularly large “boss.”

The combat system in the same way requires constant concentration and forcing sweat even with one or two opponents. There is a simple kick, special attack, block, and instead dodges need to make sharp jerk to the side – and spent all endurance.

Memorize and calculate timings and frames, in time to put a block, dodge – it’s all here actually. And still it is necessary to leave the line of attack the shooters, dodging traps and abandoned in your items and competently perform jumps and special attacks to immobilize an enemy or even throw him into the abyss (the opponents of this, too, is often used), – it is a feature of the local combat system.

Immortal Planet game review

As you progress through and overcoming “bosses” automatically increases an indicator such as the viscosity of the blood, – he, in particular, affect the effectiveness of “kits”.

Much depends on the choice of starting class, which consists of two components: a passive skill (one of which allows for a successful evasion regenerate endurance) and weapons. Last in the Immortal Planet hardly be called ordinary – has spear-sword attack ax blade and hybrid-shield. However, in a fight they work much more familiar than the sound of their names.

As you go, we will find other sharps (or you can buy them for experience points), each of which has a special attack – this may be, for example, a sharp attack with a sword at the ready, or a blow to the area. Also will fall consumable items – “lechilki” (they immediately called the blood of the Immortals), and various spells that can be used in combat – “fireball”, lightning, shot shots telekinesis some beam, igniting the ground at the feet of enemies, etc.

Immortal can you not be, but the “pump” you have to

In addition to your dexterity, calculation, alertness and endurance in combat very much depends on the “pumping”. Murder every opponent gives experience, but when they will kill already you (and it will certainly happen, and more than once!), All acquired by back-breaking toil “Expo” will be gone, you are reborn in a single cryochamber at the level of (analogue fires) and begin the path of memorized re-locations, destroying all the same enemies that await you in the same place. Trying to return the “Expo” is only one – after the second death, she disappears into eternity forever …

If you still have picked up, gained even more and got the same until the next “fire” in cryochamber can not only change, if desired, weapons and spells, but also improve the basic characteristics – strength, agility, stamina, intellect, strength of will.

And often have to consciously repeatedly “pumped” for the same enemies at the same level, voluntarily returning to the cryochamber (fortunately you can always find and discover workarounds) to get stronger and be well prepared to move to a location with more powerful adversaries and “bosses”. But to call it the regular “grind” language does not turn. Not least because that eternally “grind” can hardly get – the more you increase the parameters, the more expensive will cost (in points of experience, of course) their next “upgrade”! Therefore, we have to choose sensibly, with deliberation.

Immortal Planet game review

Attacks from behind are of particular importance here.