Immortal Classic: Nintendo Game Boy Console Was Bombed But Still Works

The gaming museum at Rockefeller Center in New York houses an amazing example of a portable console Nintendo game boy, which remained operational even after receiving serious damage from the bombing during the Gulf War, which lasted from 1990 to 1991. Reported by DualShockers

The handheld console belonged to military medic Stefan Scoggins, who played on it between duty. Once during the fighting, a shell hit the barracks with Stefan, the fire from which destroyed all his personal belongings.

The very same Nintendo Game Boy was badly burned, but Stefan still decided to contact Nintendo in the hope of repairing it or replacing it with a new console.

However, the company’s specialists considered repairing the set-top box a hopeless business, since its body was deformed, and some of the buttons did not work. Nevertheless, for fun, a cartridge with the game Tetris was inserted into the console, and to the great surprise of the specialists, it started up.

Eventually, a new Game Boy was sent to Stefan Scoggins, and his old console took its place in the museum, providing a prime example of how durable Nintendo products can be.

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