“I’ll Smash You Myself”: The Last of Us Director Gets Threats with “Rofla”

In mid-January 2023, the TV channel HBO announced a staff reshuffle in the team working on the film adaptation of the game The last of us (“One of us“). The new director of the pilot episode of the series was appointed Kantemir Balagovmade famous by the film “Dylda“(Beanpole).

Even the co-president of the studio commented on the appointment Naughty dog Neil Druckmann, who also acts as a producer, he called Balagov a “brilliant director” who shares a love of adventure Joel and Ellie

However, the franchise’s scandalous reputation continues to create problems. The director began receiving threats on social networks.

“If you take off an X ****, I’ll crash you personally. The last of the ace is a special thing for me – if you screw it up, I’ll take it as personal,” wrote an anonymous fan.

However, Balagov himself does not take such messages seriously.

“Guys, I am not receiving any threats. I understand that all this is ofly. Basically, the direct is overwhelmed with words of support, for which we thank you very much,” the director explained in Instagram


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