Hybrid Wars

Cyberpunk, which we deserved

2060-th year, the Earth is not run by the state and corporations that do not stop to use any means to achieve their goals. Global information networks pervade all aspects of human life, and no high-tech devices and machines can not do either at home or at war.

Fight in this inhospitable future love and know how: a variety of models of military equipment, from walking robots to submarines and helicopters, controlled by artificial intelligence – the main weapon of corporations in the struggle for world domination.

Hybrid war – this is the main feature of this era. Nevertheless, there was a place for a person: Aleks Karter, a former test pilot of military technology and its great connoisseur, he entered the service in one of the corporations.

In the role of Alex player will go through fire, water and copper pipes, to defeat all the enemies to save the innocent and punish the guilty.

The plot in Hybrid Wars is not the first place, even developers, seems to agree with this – the background virtually has not been disclosed, but in deeds actors sometimes difficult to trace at least some logic.

In describing the history of the protagonist, even cliché about clichés will compliment the writers: all conditional utterly – these guys are bad, they have to win.

However, such an attitude to the plot is completely justified – at least strange to expect from the game in the same genre some literary heights. But to be honest, Hybrid Wars would not have lost, left without any history at all – here it is far not the point.

Hybrid Wars game review

In the helicopter very peculiar management, so fight on it harder and more interesting than using ground equipment.

In the air and on the ground

the first place the action, rather than a lengthy discourse about the fate of the main characters. On the screen constant movement, always something burns, explodes, shoots – have to wade almost incessantly firing from the available weapons (despite the fact that the cartridges are not infinite) through the crowds of enemies. Familiar with MechWarrior 3050 and Desert / the Urban StrikeIt is unlikely to be mistaken, if will assume that these games have been a major target of developers.

The similarity in everything – from the look and animation technology to the gameplay. A lot of enemies who want to kill the main character, and true fighting machine that can show to any opponent who’s the most important.

Each mission represents a chain of jobs for which performance is usually necessary to reach the desired point and activate any device or destroy certain enemies in a predetermined area.

Sometimes we have to be accompanied by an ally or sneak behind enemy lines to capture the right to set military equipment, but the meaning is unchanged in any case: Click on a trigger and try to kill all the enemies.

Can fight in different ways: to take the place of the pilot combat vehicle or rely on their own strength of his character. In the second case we have a pretty hardcore gameplay – it is necessary to plan their actions in advance, sometimes retreating and trying not to waste ammunition in vain.

When using the equipment all much easier – yes, a lot of enemies, but they are much weaker, also found another helicopter or a robot replace the failed one is easy.

In addition to the four different types of combat vehicles (fur, helicopter, tank and titanium) are available to control, in the extermination of hundreds and hundreds of enemies to help “customization”.

You can customize and outfit of the protagonist, and each model separately. Special revelation, however, is not worth waiting: basically we increase the “health” or ammunition main and auxiliary arms.