Hunting Simulator

In recent days, busy playing to Hunting Simulator , I found myself in an interesting discussion about the “simulations”, or in general the gaming experience a bit ‘different from the norm. The idea is that a hunting enthusiast, as in our case, can hardly play Hunting Simulator because hunting is the real hunt, the smell of the wood, the applause and the adrenaline given by the killing the game.

Speech can make sense, in certain shades, but it would also mean that players do not want to play FIFA, for example, what we know is happening. In fact, they are the ones who know and appreciate the real counterpart, who want to revive much of those experiences even in the gaming world. Here, the Hunting Simulator is the perfect example of this situation: a peculiar production that is best suited to fans of this hobby that, passing over the defects of the game, can beat every single finesse.

With the underwater controller
As the name might suggest, the Hunting Simulator published by Bigben Interactive puts us in the shoes of a hunter (or a hunter) to collect more or less valuable prey armed with rifle, patience, and a bit of blood cold. In more practical terms, Hunting Simulator offers a very long campaign, with a lot of character selection, in which to carry out missions in very large areas, though closed.

We will be assigned a major mission and one or more subordinates, which obviously consist of animal slaughter, which will all contribute to a final score, with which to strive for the inevitable climb of world leaderboards.

The experience is obviously monotonous and unattractive by nature. Do not expect “exciting” tracking sessions, but a very meticulous simulation of game hunting. The campaign is divided into different areas and ecosystems, which offer different types of animals obviously, and each of these ecosystems has dozens of missions within it. You can equip a couple of gauges (which reward or penalize the score depending on the prey killed), usually one long and one medium-short distance, and other gadgets that facilitate the experience.

About the meticulousness, Hunting Simulatorit offers all the tools used by hunters in real life, with the urine of every animal to be sprayed to attract unborn beasts within our viewfinder. The first gameplay sessions, due to the fact that they have not unlocked anything yet, are the most difficult to digest.

Basic mechanics, in any case, do their duty. To hunt an animal, it is necessary to follow the traces, which will give an insight into the animal’s presence area on the map, which will become more and more precise with the increased traces of the traces. While searching for the animal, care must be taken not to be seen obviously, but also to avoid excessive noise and not to be sniffed.

Once the animal is on the line, an on-screen display shows the senses of the prey, divided into mood, hearing and sight, with a special bar for each of them indicating how much the player is exposed. Once a good shooting line is found, hitting the animal at different points generates an equally different score, where the heart is the best target, as well as that which will cause every animal, even the most courageous, dies on the blow. In this sense missions can include not only the abatement of a being, but also a precise stroke in one part of the body.

The animal is also claimed after the killing, approaching the corpse to examine it. In this sense I found annoying the absence of any carcass indicator (where the game does not slip in the HUD elements even though it is a simulation), and in a couple of occasions I happened to lose the corpse in the grass after firing from far away.