Colorful adventure

Protagonist named Hugh, and translated to English the name means ‘Tone’. Man walking from one location to another, periodically finding in his black-and-white world of different colors. Finding a new color, it adds it to the palette and can be painted in his surroundings. In this and built all of the game – on the constantly changing environment, depending on the necessary actions.

Hugh is looking for his mother and tries to understand why she left him when he was very young. On his way he finds notes and memories, to better understand its past and the causes of extinction. Over time, as it always happens, it is clear that the mother was gone for a reason. Follow the plot is interesting, especially as all the great memories made public, and to listen to them do not have to waste time searching for secrets.

Rise in notes and some philosophical issues associated with flowers and human perception. Do we all see the blue sky and green grass the same way? How it would change our lives, if things suddenly turned red in the black? If desired, it is possible not to pay attention to this component of HueSolving puzzles, but the pace of the narrative is sometimes contributes to diversion of mysteries.

At first, Hue resembles the aforementioned Limbo with her black-and-white world and a bouncing boy, who can only move some items. Once detected the first color, the gameplay changes and becomes more original – if the path is worth yellow pole, jump and get around that is impossible. enough to repaint the environment in the yellow color to the barrier disappeared. The more colors in the arsenal, the more complicated puzzles – sometimes have to change the world a few times in one jump. The shift points is activated time dilation, so time to realize all our plans will not be difficult.

Not the shade

Developers managed to Huenot very simple, but at the same time not annoyingly complicated game. By tradition, the lightest puzzles are available only at the beginning and the ending offers large rooms with lots of colors and objects. The only problem is that the penalty for a failed jigsaw – the need room pereprohodit from the beginning, though the boy fragile and can be lost, for example, from falling into the water.

Hue game review

With the ability to change the character objects in places difficult.

Another small drawback is the similarity of some of the flower – it seems that you see yellow, but in fact it is orange. Particularly unpleasant encounter with in times when the right of the selected color in the spectrum depends on the hero’s life. On the final locations are enough hazards, including lasers, spikes covered the floor, moving platforms and conveyor belts, so torture yourself thinking about what shade you can see, not very desirable.

However, these disadvantages do not spoil the experience. It would seem to repaint the environment for several hours soon get bored, but this is not happening. Every time there is an unusual level – then you need to jump from one box to another, constantly changing colors and calculating distance of the jump, then move the object disappears in the repainting of the world. Especially great to have episodes where the hero must run away from danger – jump scattered on the road can not always be trash, but to open the spectrum and select the desired part of it, to remove the obstacle, at any time.

Over time, HueIt becomes a puzzle, which requires careful planning actions. Box will not protect the boy from the laser, if he suddenly chooses a color and make the subject disappear. Therefore, entering the room, it is desirable to immediately assess the situation and think through every move. Although not used to some errors still occurred, no points and high scores table is not here, so that there is no hurry.