Top 5 legendary BUGS in WOW

Top 5 legendary BUGS in WOW

In World of Warcraft, users have repeatedly staged a whole hunt for exploits. Players spent hundreds of hours searching for hidden locations, “holes” in textures and errors in mechanics. Some of the bugs in WoW could give an advantage and therefore were punished by the developers, while others were harmless and funny. We selected the five most striking vulnerabilities in the game, which went down in the history of Azeroth.

Quarantine Azeroth

The most famous bug in the history of World of Warcraft is associated with an epidemic “Corrupted Blood.” Because of it, the servers almost completely died out for a while. The cause of the pandemic was a mistake with the “Corrupted Blood” debuff that the boss imposed on players in the Zul’Gurub Dungeon. The spell took 200-250 units of health for ten seconds and at the same time spread from character to character. After killing the boss, the debuff dissipated, but there was a loophole for the virus – pets of warlocks and hunters who retained the effect if they were recalled at the time of the battle. After passing the dungeon, the players teleported to the capitals, and as soon as they called the pets, a massive infection began. “Corrupted blood” was spreading, among other things, to the NPC, because of which cities immediately turned into foci of infection


High-level players could survive the debuff, but the characters died weaker in a matter of seconds. The capitals of both fractions were filled with corpses, many simply could not get out of the infected cities, catching the virus again and again. There were even users who specifically received “Corrupted blood” to infect others. Some became the spread of the infection by negligence – apart from the debuff dangerous for themselves, they contacted players for whom he was fatal. Blizzard was unable to fix the bug right away – it took the developers almost a week to cure Azeroth.

Based on the actions of World of Warcraft users during the Tainted Blood pandemic, scientists conducted a study behavior of people during real epidemics. The disorganization, violation of quarantine rules and panic in Azeroth became an illustration of possible real scenarios during mass infection with deadly strains. The other day, scientists Eric Lofgren and Nina Fefferman, who conducted this study, gave an interview in which they said that the “Corrupted Blood” bug in World of Warcraft also helps them now to predict and prevent the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Secret Island Game Masters

In WoW, especially in the classic version, there were enough hidden locations where players could not get. Some of them were simply unfinished, while others were closed by developers due to the uselessness or refusal of certain quest chains and mechanics. However, there is a functioning location in Azeroth that is hidden from ordinary users – the island of game masters. The characters of the administration appear on it when they enter the game to answer user questions or solve a particular problem. The zone is a small island near Teldrassil, on which there is a small pier and a tavern. There are no quests, merchants, or other NPCs. You can get to the island, or rather to a special interrogation room, only if the game master calls you for a serious conversation.

Interrogation room. Source:

Blizzard tried to make this zone inaccessible to users, but enthusiasts still found bugs that allowed them to reach the island. They used the “holes” in the locations to fall into the textures and reach the administration monastery. Most curious players received locks of various durations – from several hours to a couple of days. However, there are users on the forums who say that they were able not only to get to the island, but also had a nice chat with game masters, after which they kindly teleported back and did not block. The island of gamemasters lasted until the Battle for Azeroth addon. He was removed from the game in patch 8.2.


Owl paratroopers

Druids in World of Warcraft have the ability to fly without using a mount – using the appearance of a bird. In this form, the player cannot fight, but users found a bug that allowed the Druids to fly and be fully combat-ready. To do this, you had to get an artifact of Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat, which changed the character model. In this hat, the bird-shaped druid needed to move to a new location, after which he had the opportunity to fly in any of his guises. As soon as the players found this bug, the military operation “combat flying munkins” began. In the shape of a moon owl, with a decent arsenal of attacking spells, flying druids besieged the capitals of enemy factions. They could easily use all the abilities in flight, thereby terrorizing the melee characters who looked helplessly at them from the ground. This did not last long – Blizzard fixed the bug and banned all flying owls. The hat itself is no longer in the current version of WoW.


This is not the only notable bug that has been associated with the Druids. In the Mists of Pandaria, they added the ability to transport members of a group or raid on themselves using a deer uniform. Only one person could ride a druid at the same time, but players found a way around this limitation. His brother in the same form climbed on a deer, and on that – the next, and so on to infinity – a tower of druids was obtained. With the help of another bug, the very first player could ride a flying mount, so this bulky design began to soar above Azeroth. For this, Blizzard did not ban, but the exploit was removed.

“Gift” from Blizzard

If some users have to study Azeroth for days to find a bug or error, then the developers themselves literally gave the exploits to others. This happened with the gnome warrior Karatechop. The game master sent him a Martin Fury shirt, which was not in the game, in the mail. Judging by the equipment ID, it was the 17th of all created items in the game. However, it was not the rarity of the shirt that was important here, but its magical qualities – when used, it destroyed all enemies near the owner. The item had a hundred charges, so the potential for use was great.

Martin Fury. The subject hinted that its use was cheating.

Karatechop considered that Martin Fury was a compensation from the developers, because shortly before this, the attackers hacked his co-guild’s account and cleaned the bank. Blizzard solved the problem and began to mail stolen items. Among them was just a deadly shirt. Karatechop was sure that since the letter is official, then everything is legal. Together with the guild, he went to clear the raids of the expansion Wrath of the Lich King. All bosses even in heroic mode died after pressing a single button. The player managed to spend 14 charges of the subject, after which Blizzard drew attention to him. It turned out that the item was sent in error. The developers equated its use with fraud and gave Karatechop an unlimited ban. Blizzard also punished the entire gnome’s guild with a 24-hour lock, and even those members who did not participate in the raid and did not know about the item.

Karatechop did not agree with the punishment, he refused to create a new account and left World of Warcraft. Information about the item can still be found on Wowhead, only now the ability of the shirt has been changed – when used, it does not destroy the rivals, but the owner himself.

One-Punch Man Paladins

In the Cataclysm expansion, paladins have briefly turned into anime heroes who destroy enemies with one hit. The fault of the “Seal of Truth” ability is to blame – it deals additional damage from light magic during paladin attacks. The developers made a mistake in the calculations, which is why the bonus damage was huge. Paladins immediately captured the battlefield, killing rivals in a couple of seconds. In raids, their damage was hundreds of times higher than in other classes. Thanks to this, many guilds quickly mastered high-level content.

Soon, Blizzard fixed the bug by setting adequate parameters for the ability to “Seal the truth.” The developers did not ban all the paladins, but those players who abused this ability more than others still issued locks. There is no “Seal of Truth” in the current version of World of Warcraft.


You can still find enough bugs in Azeroth. However, the zeal with which the players are looking for them shows that users, even after 15 years, are interested in studying every inch of World of Warcraft.