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On October 15, the earlier beta testing of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War began for PC players. After watching the shooter’s alpha test streams, I didn’t have the best impressions of the game, but as soon as I tried it myself, my opinion changed. I’ll tell you more about the positive and negative aspects of the new product below.




My first game in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War took place on the Satellite map. I wanted so badly to try the new product as soon as possible that I even forgot about the graphics settings, and in the first minutes I was, one might say, seasick from the environment. After the match, I turned off some functions in the settings, such as the speed effect, and did not face such a problem again.

Satellite Map

At first, I didn’t really like the graphics of the new shooter, but over time I got used to it. Explosions from airstrikes and bombardments look impressive, mostly the tones of the cards are pleasing to the eye. Confused only by how the grass looks in some areas under certain lighting – the colors are too harsh, but this is already a matter of taste. There are also questions about the visibility of enemies on the map: sometimes it is difficult to see the opponents, since they simply merge with the terrain. The character animations and weapon reloads are impressive, as are the epic pre-match scenes.


I’ll start with the movement system. Overall the game looks fast, too fast. The character is rapidly moving around the map, thanks to which it is possible to find targets in a short period of time and do what the shooter was created for. At first I liked the sliding speed, until I started catching up with my rivals. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it will take a little longer to kill an opponent than, for example, in Modern Warfare, so after the first wounds you don’t really want to run after the target and try to aim the sight when the opponent is quickly hiding around corners and dodging from shots with this sliding speed. After alpha testing and player complaints, the developers nerfed this feature a bit, but apparently, this is not quite enough.

In CoD: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, there is a choice of map by voting. However, users are unhappy that after each match the lobby is disbanded – because of this, they have to spend extra time looking for new players, and someone just wants to continue the game with previous teammates.

Cartel Map

Weapons and class creation

The interface for customizing weapons has been made convenient: you can quickly select the required modification from the list and see its description. In addition, detailed characteristics of each of the attachments have appeared, and now there is no need to search for information about weapon damage on third-party resources. Directly in the game, you can find out how each of the modifications will affect the firepower of the weapon, the speed and accuracy of shooting, etc.

The sounds of gunshots turned out to be unrealistic, as if you were shooting from a toy pistol, but you get used to this over time. It is also difficult to feel a hit on an opponent.

In addition to perks, Black Ops Cold War has “jokers” – cards that give the class a special feature: for example, the ability to equip three additional perks or open three more slots for attachments on weapons. Quite a useful thing missing in Modern Warfare.

Aim Assist

If I had my way, I would remove this feature from all CoD games, but in Black Ops Cold War the aim assist is especially powerful. The system itself aims and literally sticks the sight to the enemy, even through walls and other obstacles. A moment – and you are already watching the replay of your death, trying to understand what you did wrong. What is the point of practicing, trying to aim and shoot in the head, if you are against players with an aim assist? On a PC it is absolutely not interesting to play against the console players. Of course, I tried to turn off crossplay in the settings, but then the lobby simply could not be typed.

Multiplayer modes

In addition to the classic modes, in the Black Ops Cold War beta, you can try VIP Escort and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. In the first, the teams take turns evacuating an important person who is randomly selected in each round. To win, you must either complete the evacuation or kill the opponent’s person.

The mechanics in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb are similar to Warzone. Ten teams, each of which has four people, disembark from planes in any location. There are boxes with loot on the maps, from where you get uranium, which must be delivered to dirty bombs and not die on the way to them, because in this case the loot drops out. As soon as one of the teams gains 500 points, the game ends. The places at the end of the match are distributed according to the amount of collected uranium. The mode turned out to be interesting, but there are some nuances. A few seconds after death, any opponent can land on your point, and while you are killing one, another may appear behind your back and kill you, and somewhere else a third one flies up. At the same time, I don’t really want to sit and wait for the victims – it’s more interesting to run around and collect uranium, killing opponents along the way. In this mode, it is clearly necessary to limit the landing of an infinite number of opponents in the same area, so that the player has time to enjoy the features of this mode.

Fireteam Mode: Dirty Bomb

General impression

Overall, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer beta was a good experience, but the developers should revisit some of the game’s nuances to bring it to the ideal for release. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans will feel a little uneasy at first, but Black Ops Cold War is worth a try. Ahead of us is still a story campaign and a zombie mode, which I would like to get acquainted with. It’s also interesting to see how the new Call of Duty franchise will impact Warzone, aside from the overall progress of weapon upgrades and the Battle Pass.

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