The gaming community often jokes that there is nothing stronger than the love between two gamers.

The gaming community often jokes that there is nothing stronger than the love between two gamers. Half Life Alyx

The gaming community often jokes that there is nothing stronger than the love between two gamers. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, remembered five stories about how video game fans made creative and unusual proposals for their lovers’ hands and hearts. Not all of them ended successfully, but not all games have a happy ending.

Bullet Whistle Offer

An American guy named Quinn in his youth was fond of music and electronics, and one of his hobbies was porting old games to various gadgets and other devices with a color screen. It was through games that he decided to make a creative proposal to his girlfriend Amy.

Quinn chose the iconic Contra platformer for NES as the “tool.” He disassembled the cartridge and changed the program code, adding his name and the name of his lover to the player selection menu. He placed the text with the most important question in the final credits, which appeared only after the end of the game.


Complete Contra to the end – the task in itself is not an easy one, but Amy successfully coped with it. The final “Easter egg with the offer” was a big surprise for her, but the girl agreed. Judging by the family archive on Flickr, Quinn and Amy have been happily married for two years and have two sons.

Between bricks and mushrooms

The hero of this story also used the game to propose to his girlfriend Pam. He created a map in the Super Mario Maker level editor, at the end of which he laid out the phrase: “Pam, will you marry me?”

The girl did not immediately notice the unusual order of the blocks and even out of habit began to break them, so the guy had to pay her attention to the inscription. At first, Pam was very surprised, and then, having guessed everything, she laughed and began to ask how he had succeeded. The gamer only encouraged her and said that she should play further. Pam agreed to his proposal even before the level went to the end, and then burst into tears of happiness.

A video with this proposal was published in 2016 and quickly spread over the Internet. He now has over 7.8 million views.


Teleportation to Family Life

Harry Hudson and his girlfriend Stephanie spent a lot of time playing the game in Portal 2, so it is not surprising that this puzzle from Valve was the starting point of their family life.

In 2011, Harry posted an ad that he was looking for a good level designer to propose to his lover using Portal 2. A month later, he not only found a designer, but was also able to attract voice actress Ellen MacLane, whose voice speaks of GLaDOS artificial intelligence. Especially for the Hudson level, she recorded several comic remarks and voiced the proposal itself for his lover.

The level turned out to be elaborate and very atmospheric, but most importantly – he coped with his main task. At first, Stephanie had to complete six different side tasks, after which she gained access to a secret room resembling a church altar. Once in it, the girl heard from GLaDOS the question: “Stephanie, do you agree to become Harry’s wife?”

Unfortunately, there is no video on the network with Stephanie’s reaction and response, but in the comments to the video, many users write that this is the most romantic proposal made in the game that they have ever seen. But because of the success of Harry almost no doubt!


Surprise Quest

Developers from Larian Studios also visited as marriage agents. In 2014, they helped a gamer named Daniel make an offer to the girl Dolores through the quest editor in Divinity: Original Sin.

On that significant day, Daniel and Dolores came to the Belgian office of the studio supposedly to participate in testing the quest editor for Divinity: Original Sin. Especially for them, a small quest has already been developed, according to the results of which Dolores should have found a chest with a ring. When she tried to put it on, a marriage proposal appeared in the dialog box. Right after that, Daniel got on one knee and took out another ring – the real one.

Dolores was very moved by the unexpected act of her boyfriend and at first could not even find the words. Then Daniel suggested that she choose the answer all in the same dialog box. Of course, she clicked “Yes.”

According to representatives of Larian Studios, the story of Daniel and Dolores is far from the only one, and fans of the game series often resort to the help of the quest editor to make similar surprises for their lovers on the eve of Valentine’s Day.


Entangled in a web

Not all stories with a marriage proposal in games end with a happy ending. A vivid example of this is the case of the blogger and streamer Tyler Schulz, who wanted to impress his sweetheart Madison Gamble with the help of the game Marvelʼs Spider-Man.

A few months before the release of the game, Schultz asked the developers at Insomniac Games to leave the text “Madison, will you marry me?” Somewhere on the map. The leaders of the studio went to meet the streamer and placed this inscription on the sign of one of the cinemas. It seemed that the most difficult stage of preparation was left behind, but the gamer did not have to use the easter egg – they and the girl broke up shortly before the release of the game, having been in a relationship for more than five years.

Photos from the game Marvelʼs Spider-Man

Waiting for the release of Marvelʼs Spider-Man, the streamer recorded a video in which he spoke about his failed proposal. He claimed that the girl had abandoned him for the sake of his brother, and called the situation “the saddest Easter egg in the world.” When the developers suggested the streamer to change the inscription on the sign, Schulz asked to place the name of his late grandmother, who gave him the first comic book about Spider-Man.

This story quickly spread across the network, after which representatives of the gaming community and streamer spectators attacked Madison with a wave of criticism and insults. The girl had to close her social media accounts until the tabloid Houston Press published her interview with a different version of the events.

Madison Gamble and Tyler Schulz | Photo: Tyler Schulz’s Facebook page

According to Madison, their life together with Tyler could hardly be called happy. They had many conflicts, mental and physical problems, as well as other difficulties. They never went to dances or parties together, and their relationship was more like that of a mother and son. Madison admitted that she herself had initiated their separation when she realized that she was feeling unhappy. She did not cheat on the streamer, and her affair with Schultz’s half-brother arose only after Tyler himself asked him to “look after her after the break.”

“Probably, it is easier for him to hate me than to accept my desire to part with him. I hope that he will be able to survive this and find his happiness – that’s exactly what I’m doing now, ”Madison said in an interview with Houston Press.

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