Edge of Twilight – Return To Glory

Fuzzyeyes Studio announced Edge of Twilight back in the year 2008, and soon I was interviewed developers and wrote quite enthusiastic thumbs up, where you will laugh, comparing their design with the best representatives of the adventure genre, namely a vampire TV series the Legacy of Kain .

Concept Edge of Twilight then, and still does cause concern, even in places quoted verbatim and Legacy of Kain. The player enters the realm of steampunk, the country Hellaem where there are strange and terrible things.

Day and night are not replace each other, but exist in parallel and do not end there has been a half-century. Eternal day – it scorched bare desert, became a trap for local residents, and eternal night – the territory controlled by terrible creatures, the so-called outcasts (or spoiled), which is headed by the chief villain named Lukasin.

It all happened because of the confrontation between the two civilizations – industrial Aterno and religious lettering, skhlestnuvshihsya, as usual, in the struggle for the possession of a source of air, a very powerful and important energy (her work here almost all the mechanisms).

The protagonist of Edge of Twilight, And mutant bounty hunter named Lex – the only living descendant of these two civilizations. And he has a unique ability – to move freely between the time of day.

Lex day appears in the form of brutal man in a coat with a huge sword, blaster at the ready: he can communicate with the local people to manage the machines and different mechanisms, using a battery with ether, to fight rejection.

At night, Lex turns into unattractive in appearance cachectic creature that runs fast, deftly jumps and fights again with the outlaws, but very different.

Lex comes to Hellaem not the best time – Lukasinu left to grab the last of the four sources of ether, after which there was a terrible. Before us, accordingly, gets the task to destroy the artifacts and return to normal work schedule.

Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game Review

You can feel the hand of the Japanese – all in the game is very large, including the “boss”.

And again, they come back …

All right, that’s only in 2010 Fuzzyeyes Studio closed. On the Edge An of Twilight , it seemed, could be forgotten, but after a while Fuzzyeyes revived in Japan – albeit in a new composition.

The Japanese continued to develop games (so at least it seemed), and in 2013 released her on iOS called Edge An of Twilight – Athyr Above . There she received scores between 35 and 50 points out of 100. More recently, the game finally got to release on Steam.

All of the initial concepts described above in Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory there is. Alternating day and night form Lex fighting jumping, cleverly creeps along the walls decides simple puzzle collects ether (night in the form they can be treated), is launching mechanisms.

Fight day – this is a very brutal slasher with blocks, dodge and bloody finishing moves. Plus the firing of a massive blaster, which accumulates charge and knocks enemies back. At night, Lex gets mystical abilities – slows, attracts and freezes enemies, and then breaks them into small pieces.

As in the case of the Legacy of Kain 

Many problems can be solved only with the alternation of day and night forms of the protagonist. The algorithm is obvious: locations and objects exist simultaneously in two versions, but, for example, machines only work during the day. And in the darkness need to jump out through the wall, climb onto the roof and get to that mechanism.

And all this against the background of a really huge “boss”, as well as imposing industrial buildings, pouring balm on the heart steampunk fans. It is also a matter of respect elaboration of the game world: going to the local library, you can read tons of information about almost all aspects of life, including the nature of the behavior and reproduction of any local flies.

Edge of Twilight - Return to Glory Game Review

Acrobatics here is standard for action adventure.

Greetings from the past

Given that this is only the first episode, seemingly rosy picture emerges: we are waiting for the classic action adventure with a charismatic main character, true stimpankovskoy atmosphere and vast game universe. But I am afraid that there is no waiting. Since I doubt that there will a lot more willing to invest in this game and buy it.

The fact that looks Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory  is like an unfinished project of the year 2008.

Apparently, the Japanese simply took up work on, fastened it to music and voice (not bad, it must be admitted), we finished writing all the necessary scripts to the hero limped to the final episode, and everything else is left as it was. Something even cut, for example promised combat abilities such as slowing time.