How to Survive

The theme of zombies is increasingly recurrent. What started as a fad has been exploited from many different points of view in the world of video games. Until you get tired. This time we get a new post apocalyptic proposal from the hand of 505 Games called How to Survive ,


a video game in which we embody a survivor – among three to choose – who arrives on a desert island infected with monsters. Our battle to keep standing and the concept of survival are the two great proposals of this downloadable game for PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U that gives a new look at this of the undead. Although the result is far from the best expectations.

Dead Rising kicked off the world of the living dead in this generation of consoles. And he did, in addition, touching the subject from a new point of view both of argument and development and game mechanics. The result was one of the funniest titles that are remembered in recent years.


Then came many others, from classics like Resident Evil in shooter format to Dead Island and its RPG component, Telltale with its interactive adventure of The Walking Dead , frenetic games like Dead Nation or Left 4 Dead, atmospheric proposals like Deadlight , complex works like State of Decay 


and many more that we left in the pipeline. The last iteration is this How to Survive, which despite offering good and great ideas, does not just use them correctly. And is that if you play such a trite topic, the first thing you have to do is to differentiate yourself in excellence. Something that does not happen here.

The bonfires allow us to cook food and shelter from night enemies.
The bonfires allow us to cook food and shelter from night enemies.

We started the title choosing between three characters that will be the protagonists of our adventure. A boy of balanced statistics , a girl and a third man stronger but less agile than the first. Once we get to the profile of the protagonist we want, an adventure


that puts us in the middle of an abandoned island will begin. On the seashore we will talk to a survivor who warns us of the large number of monsters that are around the area and asks us if we can go to find a companion. Here begins How to Survive , while we track the terrain to get our first weapons and finish with the zombies that are appearing.

Little by little, the adventure expands its horizons. We became Ramón’s errand boy, the second survivor who gives us some indications to try to escape from this infected hell. Go find a gas tank, then other tools to escape to another island where we


will find a plane to be able to move forward, etc. The story has almost no interest, or how it develops-we are doing errands-nor to offer big turns or touch the zombie issue from some deeper side that infected with those who end. How to Survive


tries to contribute a parodic point with the guides of survival of Kovac , a personage who leaves leaving notes on how to survive before the infected ones.


The beginning of the title is slow, including a long tutorial where on the island of Kovac we learn many of the mechanics of How to Survive. From an aerial perspective, we control our character, who is capable of attacking with a short as well as medium / long distance weapon (sticks, axes, bow with arrows, homemade guns) as well as using secondary objects that we keep in the inventory.


The lantern for the night, bottles of water that we fill, food or other objects to distract the zombies (deer meat, for example). The zombiesare of the type Left 4 Dead, who come at full speed for us, and get distracted by the sounds of alarms or shots. But the side of the action is only part of the game.