Day of the Tentacle Remastered

For many, the best graphic adventure in history, a title that marked a before and after in the genre back in 1993 at the hands of one of

Hyper Light Drifter

the studios that had more to say in this point-and-click, LucasArts . Now, after more than two decades and under the tutelage of Double Fine Productions with the brilliant Tim Schafer in front, comes to PC , PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita the remastered version of

Dark Souls 3

Day of the Tentacle , spiritual sequel to the no less brilliant Maniac Mansion. And contrary to what might seem, we are not facing a rehash, since it follows the path of another excellent port of the house,Grim Fandango . This translates into redraw graphics in high definition, forced


adaptation to the control pad in terms of its gameplay and all the humor and charisma that was so great in the nineties. Let’s delve into one of the most memorable titles of the golden age of graphic adventures, a classic among classics.

I’m going to conquer the world! 
This is how our crazy journey begins, with the bad-tempered Purple Tentacle drinking from unhealthy waters that make him an authentic tyrant.


To try to put an end to his plans, a trio of protagonists of the most diverse sort comes into play: Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie. After finding Dr.


Fred, the only solution to end the plans of the tentacle lies in the possibility of traveling to the past to avoid the dumping of toxic liquid into the river. But how could it be otherwise, the plan is


twisted sending Laverne to the future and Hoagie to the past, while Bernard tries to return everything to its course in the present. From here we will live


all kinds of follies and eccentricities brand of the houseand that will provoke us not a few laughter when reliving a script and a development for the memory.

Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition (PC) screenshot

Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition (PC) screenshotDay of the Tentacle: Special Edition (PC) screenshot

Precisely this is one of the strengths of this so-called return, the possibility that those of us who play the original in our childhood can return to Dr. Fred’s mansion with all the potential of today – the redraw in 2D is exquisite -, yes, respecting the essence of the original work in each and every one of its aspects. For this, an updated SCUMM interfaceis used ,


that is, we can collect all kinds of objects, use them, combine them, etc. by means of a system of contextual icons that, although at first it can be little intuitive, we will end up feeling totally comfortable pad in hand. In addition, the actions for each object have been


reduced in order to speed up the gameplay, in addition to allowing a more agile navigation through the inventory with the sticks. In PC you


also get better results with a system that was crying out for an update; although those who prefer the old interface will be able to switch between the modern version and the classic one at any time, a detail for the purists, though, with pixels like fists.

Optionally we can also highlight the key objects of each scenario to facilitate navigation with the pad -and reduce somewhat its difficulty, everything being said-, a detail that may displease the most experienced players but that undoubtedly enriches the experience.


And it is that for those who did not enjoy the title at the time, we must clarify that Day of the Tentacle does not stand out as an especially complicated title, with most puzzle resolution logic except for some other puzzle especially convoluted. This will take


us to complete the adventure in about 4 or 5 hours, depending on our skill; although due to its great atmosphere, it is worth enjoying a second pass with the comments of Tim Schafer in order to discover a thousand and one details that once passed to us.