How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft

Zombie Resident Cure Minecraft is not an easy task, but it opens up new opportunities and benefits. For example, locals can give discounts during trade and offer rare items. So the resurrection from the dead is worth it. Moreover, it can turn into an exciting adventure.

Where to find a zombie villager in Minecraft

The first step to healing is finding the zombie itself. Usually they live in the most remote places of the map. There is also a 5% chance that a zombie will spawn in a cluster of other undead. It will not be difficult to recognize him. The appearance of a zombie is quite standard – it has a characteristic green skin color and outstretched arms. Another distinctive feature is the elongated nose.

It is worth noting that the level of difficulty of the game world depends on the probability of the deceased inhabitants turning into the walking dead:

  • On easy difficulty, the dead do not rise up;
  • On normal – there is a 50% chance;
  • On hard level, the dead will turn into a zombie with a 100% chance.

It follows from this that by setting a difficult level and allowing the undead to attack the settlement, some residents will quickly turn into walkers, and we will not need to search for them on the map for a long time.

How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft

After finding a zombie resident, to heal him, you should put a debuff of weakness on him with the help of the appropriate potion. To prepare a drink, you will need a flask of water and a pickled spider eye. These ingredients are mixed on the alchemy table (brewing rack).

The weakened inhabitant must be fed with a golden apple, after which he will begin to tremble and make strange sounds. It is a great idea to surround it with a containment wall. The whole conversion process takes about 3-5 minutes.

Why treat a zombie resident in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, this allows you to trade with the character at better prices. It is also worth considering that the NPC can become infected several times. That is, after each cure, the prices become lower. Thus, you can achieve a minimum price for the necessary items.

Moreover, if the healing process took place in the vicinity of the settlement, then all other merchants also make discounts, although not as significant as the patient himself. After healing ten villagers, prices stop dropping.