House Flipper released on Xbox One and turned out to be nobody needs – review

The other day there was a console release of the repair simulator House flipper, a game that became a sensation in Steam and sold in a million copies. It could be assumed that her audience due to new platforms will grow even more.

However plans Playway did not materialize. It is not yet known how things are on the PlayStation 4, but, as reported Graczpospolita, in the first 72 hours, Xbox One owners bought just five thousand copies of the game.

The Polish company not so long ago began to release on the consoles its low-budget unusual simulators. And things went relatively well: for example, 25 thousand copies were sold on both consoles in the first 72 hours Car mechanic simulator, and then the game was completely included in Xbox game pass.

According to journalists, the weak console release is due to the fact that PlayWay is not particularly spent on promotion. Steam mechanisms “work” on the success of the publisher’s games: wish lists, discounts, player reviews. On consoles, this works a little differently.

The publisher does not report how success Thief simulator, which also appeared not so long ago on consoles. Probably nothing to brag about. Low sales may affect future porting plans for PlayWay sims.

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