“Horizon is just the beginning” – Eurogamer editor hinted at transferring another Sony exclusive from PlayStation 4 to PC

Portal Statement Kotaku about the upcoming release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC caused a big resonance in the network. Thousands of players around the world rushed to participate in heated debates, making assumptions about what exactly now can be expected from the company’s new course Sony to reach gaming platforms outside Playstation. Added fuel to the fire Tom Phillips, site news editor Eurogamergently hinting at the transfer of another exclusive PS4 on the PC. He also shared his thoughts on the topic, expressing confidence that in the future the concept of “exclusive games” will simply disappear.

“Horizon on the PC is just the beginning. Microsoft is still ahead of Sony in creating a multi-platform future. A future where people can play all the great games that suit them.

And Horizon will be followed by other games, you can’t even dream about it very much. In turn, the Xbox team is already simultaneously launching their projects on consoles and PCs, and is also beginning to see the potential for further development of Switch. ”

It is noteworthy that in his post, Phillips obviously highlighted the word Dream, directly referring to the game-constructor Dreams (Daydreaming)created by the studio Media molecule, actually indicating that this project will reach the PC audience.

It’s hard for Phillips to be surprised, especially given the fact that at the end of last year Dreams authors almost straightforward spokethat would like to see their new development outside the PlayStation ecosystem. In any case, now we can only expect further announcements from Sony.

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