Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


Like the original, the player commands a huge “motherships”, which is able to move slowly, a little fire, a little engaged in repair – that is all a little. Kapisi (this is the name the mother ship) also serves as a factory for the production of more specialized equipment earners resources, a variety of support and, of course, combat vehicles.

Balance is long since become a standard scheme. Crowds of small and fast “units” successfully cope with sluggish opponent (albeit with greater range and fire power), but burn quickly by rapid-fighting vehicles middleweight bout, and they, in turn, just as well burn the fire long-range guns.

Hulking artillery cruisers have a powerful and far-hitting a volley, but without the support of air defense can not do anything with the enemy aircraft.

Scouts almost do not know how to fight on their own, but successfully combine the installation of scanners to detect and launch the drone with the installation of turrets and mines. Finally, do not do without the support of cruisers that repair any equipment and also serve as a mobile resource collection point.

Not to say that the player strongly spoiled variety of techniques – for each of the two existing factions there are only a half dozen “units”, and indeed the balance shifted strongly toward the air technology. Attack with swift raids easier, not to mention the defense.

For the rest, we face a classic RTS with all its attributes: and there all over the map, their extraction and processing in the military equipment, the study of improvements, activated abilities “units” …

Is that the building is not necessary to “houses” the resources of two kinds, scattered here – in the role of a unified database and the plant is the main ship (or production cruisers in Gaalsien fraction). Maybe fighting something could surprise? Again, no – all have been available has become the standard for the genre,

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak game review

Kiichi Gaalsien – our main enemy. Religious fanatics opposed to fly into space, nevertheless, have a much more modern technology than lovers of science and education of the Coalition.

The old templates

in this case, compared to the “classic” is not far from the praise – the feeling that the developers decided not to risk making the strategy according to the time-tested pattern.

Moreover, even in comparison with the original there is a step back: for example, there is a modular system in large ships – only the scale of “hit points”. But the opportunities to implement original and fits into the setting ideas enough, and many of them are on the surface.

Suppose we have a research mission – so why not give us a chance to choose their own path on the map of the planet? Instead – a linear chain of missions. Such freedom of action has long been used not to the detriment of the story in many games.

“The struggle with nature” is merely obscure “overheating” Kapisi (though someone during the passage had problems because of it?) So vague sand tornadoes in one of the missions (similar to – and they can not notice). Where the storm, sweeping everything in its path and forcing them to look for ways to circumvent?

Where sizzling heat, disabling sensors and technology (and which then open expanses for various stealth attacks!)? Where fuel and water management master of the ship in the course of the research mission? Where, in the end, moving sand dunes,

To the long list of such questions can be added and bewilderment over not the most impressive graphics – at the maximum zoom can be clearly seen that the texture of the developers prefer to save. However, this still does not prevent serious performance problems during the hot battles.

The latter, incidentally, is not nearly as extensive as we would like – especially now that there is something to compare (eg, Planetary Annihilation , with its hundreds of “units” on the same card).

For an interesting online game is too few cards, a big problem with balance and a very meager fleet of vehicles. This Strategy is simply nowhere to turn, and the campaign is short indecent, besides the complexity of the passage does not hold water.

For example, the training mission takes almost longer than the final, in which, apart from the jokes, the main enemy is simply own is killed on the flagship of our fleet.

No challenge players the opportunity not – hardcore here to search useless.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak game review

From the developers obviously too clever by half capacity aircraft.

Titans of the desert

So really all that bad? If you do not take into account one important aspect of this version is close to the truth. Oddly enough for a real-time strategy, game of “pull” the entourage and the story.

Sacrifice and betrayal, hope for salvation of the race and loyalty to religious dogmas, the pursuit of new knowledge and courage in battle – all this is enough here, and although not the most twisted story (especially with the previously known isolated), the very “soul” in the “desert Kharak” no less than in the first games of the series. Writers and artists have worked on glory – in the contours of spaceships from Homeworld and ground equipment DoK felt commonalities and history Kapisi travel fits into the setting of the original without any serious conflicts (although the special experts and then find something to complain about).

Developers have even a little overdone – unfamiliar with the universe of Homeworld much will not understand; specifically for such cases to the game the Expedition Guide detailing how Kharak stories and protagonists, and performance art.