I started for the health, and finished for the dead” – it seems that is the motto created many interactive TV shows of recent years. Back to the Future, The Walking Dead: Season 2, The Wolf Among Us,

Life is Strange – they are all pleased with their first episode intriguing look forced to wait for the development of events and the finals … and then, with each subsequent passage, dropping the bar lower and lower, until it will rest at the bottom of the original.

The typical story, actually – the “pilot” that is what is needed to plant potential viewers hooked and force them to purchase a season pass.

Thousands of people are maintained, give their money to do good, it would seem, the case, and further includes a simple narrow-minded psychology.

“It’s not so bad, but so what, the quality goes down, maybe to the final will be better not to stigmatize the project to its completion,” and similar excuses own investments. And there will be periods for refand, publisher and cunning plan to put into practice without a hitch. Profit!

Not every episodic release so bad, of course – but a couple of times when faced with such a trend, sooner or later begin to be suspicious of all games of this format.

Take a brand new Hitman, for example – its March debut dispelled some of our doubts and proved that IO Interactive is still able to make quality and unique stealth action game.

Something needed to be polished, some design decisions raised questions, but the cunning authors hope sown in our hearts – hope for a successor affairs Blood Money, the successor to which we have been waiting for 10 years.

And yet, during the writing of the material in my head is spinning a nasty, unpleasant thought: “Suddenly it all – a banal dust in the eyes, and then it will go on an inclined, as we have seen many, many times?”.

In the yard in mid-November, Agent 47 ended his bloody harvest, and-is necessary to recognize – IO did their best, and the skepticism was totally unjustified.

Despite all kinds of pads and huddling schedule, the project was a success. Moreover – he overcame the curse of the serial format, and for 8 months so never and did not disappoint, a good start and ended on a high note.

Magnificent Sapienza, good Marrakech, funny bonus episode with picturesque locations night, good Bangkok Colorado and beautiful Hokkaido – was extraordinarily rich cultural program in 2016.

Dreams of a variety of tasks, however, have remained dreams, but the designers have more than compensated for a certain monotony by using expertly-developed levels.

Now we can say with a clear conscience that the new Hitman focused, perhaps, one of the best if not the best, the mission of the series.

No more stupid fillers such horrific Japanese missions from Silent Assassin – each contract is unique and offers many chances to pose as a hitman with a boundless imagination.

Reset the target chandelier? Banal. Drown in the toilet? Boring. To dress a scarecrow and hack to death all in the county with a rusty ax? Oh, interesting. And what about the “knock down ulepotyvayuschuyu to sacrifice his own plane from an old gun?” Or to arrange an accident by a cleverly placed fire extinguishers?

Nobody said that the work of the killer to be boring.

With such an arsenal of tricks to pass the game can be dozens, even hundreds of times and always find something new. IO Interactive has returned to the formula of the first parts of the series, and each level – this is a tricky sandbox puzzle that can be solved by any way.

Special perverts will turn the contracts are not getting out of the iconic dress Agent 47 and receive a special bonus.

But what is most beautiful: Hitman finally decided on the tone – rather nasty Grindhouse Absolution game in 2016 assumed a decided of itself “bondiane”, and it is easily managed.

Traveling to exotic locations, scouting the neighborhood and eavesdropping on conversations and guards with the guests, and then catch myself on the fact that what is happening is strongly reminiscent of some classic film about the legendary superspy.

It lacks only martinis and beautiful women, but what to do – asexual tend not to drink and sex.

And the music, let alone pretty boring and not like masterpieces Jesper Kyuda perfectly superimposed on the event and the atmosphere of a good spy thriller.