Hilly terrain and a lonely man: Limbo and INSIDE authors showed some new shots from their next game

Following the news regarding the deal with Epic Games Publishing, Studio Playdead presented another teaser for her next project. In a new post on their Twitter page, developers Limbo and Inside shared a link to current vacancies and showed a few seconds of previously unseen shots of a future game.

A short video shows a view of a certain hilly area with the figure of a man standing near a space buggy. There is still no intelligible information about the project, but judging by all the past teasers, we are waiting for some kind of journey of an astronaut who finds himself on a cold and lifeless planet.

The game has been under development for three years. For their new creation, the authors have chosen a sci-fi setting and are going to raise the theme of loneliness in it.. Gamers are waiting for a melancholy adventure with more open spaces and a third-person view. It was decided to abandon 2D, as this imposes its limitations.

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