Hideo Kojima wanted to implement a project that responds to the smell of players breath

Hideo Kojima always been a unique person. Recently creator of the franchise Metal gear released quite original Death stranding, and in 2003 provided users with, probably, one of the most interesting games in the entire history of the industry.

A couple of console generations ago Kojima released on Game boy advance project called Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand. The idea was this: a light sensor was built into the game cartridge that responded exclusively to sunlight. The latter was needed to charge the main gun of the protagonist Django. Thus, the developer wanted to spur his child to spend more time on the street.

In a recently discovered interview Nintendo dream from 2003 (translated by Shmupulations) Kojima said he was close to releasing a more revolutionary game. With the help of another sensor, he wanted to integrate the player’s breath smell recognition into the game!

“I think it was around last year. I walked over to Shinther Miyamoto from Nintendo and showed him my presentation. Initially, it was not only a sunlight sensor, I also wanted to include a sensor in the game that measured the smell of your breath! I * really * wanted to add it there! After all, your enemies are vampires, right? So what would happen if you ate something containing garlic and breathed into the microphone? They would all die! ”

Unfortunately, according to Kojima, the rest of the team hated this idea. Although this is certainly an intriguing concept, it is understandable why it was never implemented.

Sunlight (theoretically) is available to most users, but forcing the player to buy the products necessary to defeat the enemies … this would greatly limit the audience of the game. Someone is allergic to garlic, but someone simply does not like him. A younger generation of players would have to persuade parents to reconsider their dinner plans. Or would a respiratory sensor become as popular as a fight with Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid? Who knows.

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