Hideo Kojima studies books for inspiration for his new game

Millions of people are looking forward to what they will offer Hideo Kojima. Japanese game designer conquered the world with his recent game Death stranding. Only two months have passed since its release (and porting to the PC has not yet been completed), however, the developer is getting ready for the next project. The other day, Kojima said that he was engaged in the creation of the concept, but did not say what kind of game it would be.

The other day, the developer went to Twitter, where toldthat studies various books in search of inspiration. He prefers different literature, like films, from fiction to popular science. However, none of the books read were able to hit the game designer.

“I just read several books not related to scientific literature and science to create my next concept, but not one of them interested me enough to amaze. Now I’m going to read a book for a hobby. ”

Then Kojima addedthat while he basically works out various ideas, conducting research, and reading books sometimes acts as a good clue.

“I am researching books that will help me find the basis for content. There is a high probability that any of them will give me an answer. Of course, the best way to find it is to study everything on your own, but this will only happen after I greatly narrow my search range. And I also need to gain experience. “

Death Stranding was released on PS4 on November 8, 2019. The project will visit PC this summer.

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