Hideo Kojima, creator of Death Stranding, promised to delight fans for the rest of his days in a touching address

Adventure action Death stranding from the famous japanese game designer Hideo Kojima recently received an award for the best technical performance at the ceremony BAFTA Games Awards 2023 British Academy of Film and Television Arts. At the same time, the developer himself was awarded the honorary title BAFTA Fellowship for his exceptional contribution to the gaming industry.

In honor of this event, Hideo Kojima recorded a video message with an emotional speech, part of which he devoted your parents. In the video, the developer also emphasized that he was not going to stop there and would continue to be creative.

“I am deeply grateful for awarding me the most prestigious award in the entertainment industry.” 70% of my body is made up of films “- I often use this metaphor to describe myself. The world of cinema helped me to form, to learn a lot. It helped me brighten up loneliness in childhood and pushed to make the right decisions in difficult moments of life.

It was very difficult to break into the film industry in Japan, so once I decided to go into the gaming industry – a completely new entertainment medium. Then this area was not respected, so my whole circle, my friends and even teachers encouraged me to stop.

36 years have passed since then. Times have changed. Now games are proudly on par with films. Or, rather, even both industries evolve together and merge into one huge world of digital entertainment.

Today I have many fans around the world, and there is nothing more beautiful than the thought that I can support people through my work. That is why I never stopped and continued to create games. Now, receiving this award, I can say that my dedication to my work is stronger than ever. Until the end of my life, I will continue to devote myself to creativity for others.

Finally, I would also like to say something personal. When I was 13, I lost my father. My mother raised me. My parents definitely influenced my love of films, fascinating stories and the choice of a creative life path.

My mother was very happy for me when I released another new game. At the time of the premiere of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, she was already over 70. She went through this project for six months, trying to make me happy.

Five years ago, I decided not to tell her that I had become an independent developer. I didn’t want her to worry. He began to rebuild the company from her in secret. Thought I’d make her happy when we release the first Kojima Productions game [Death Stranding]. Unfortunately, she did not live up to this point.

Upon receiving the award, I am sure that my mom and dad, who also loved the movie very much, are very happy for me. Thanks a lot, “said Hideo Kojima.

In the summer, Death Stranding will be released on PC. Read our review here..

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