Heroes of the Storm: the honor of Genji

As always, Blizzard has been able to reproduce the features of the character in a completely faithful way, delivering its peculiarities in everything and for everything.Genji is a great mobility killer capable of generating significant damage output and covering large distances in a short time, capable of pursuing opponents’ champions like throwing themselves into the melee, hitting and moving quickly.

Ryūjin no ken wo kurae! Genji Shimada is a killer, we said, and since the ninja has a great mobility, the same that makes it a plug in the side in Overwatch . Its distinctive feature (D), in this sense, offers the key to the character’s reading: By activating Cyber-agility, you can make a jump in a direction you choose. There are talents that enhance the stretch by giving a bonus when you overcome the obstacles (turning it into a kind of flash so dear to the League of Legends players


His basic abilities take what Genji can do in Overwatch . Shuriken (Q) starts in a wide bow, inflicting 65 damage each to the first enemy hit in the trajectory, accumulating in 3 charges. Having more chances to launch it in a short time, Shuriken is the skill shot to fend off enemies. It does not deal too much damage to itself but combines with other abilities, especially those that allow it to move quickly, it also becomes a psychological advantage that is not indifferent.

Deviation (W) is a missed 1.25 seconds skill during which Genji protects against all incoming attacks by returning 55 damage points (in the event of damage) to the nearest enemy, preceded by heroes. Skill is interesting because in addition to allowing you to withstand the melee (maybe after a badly calculated jump), it also allows you to survive the towers, and considering that with Genji you often find yourself diving into enemy lines, skill becomes decisively important.

Rapid Assault (E) allows Genji to snap forward, inflicating 215 enemy damage in a straight line. Also, as in Overwatch, if heroes die within 2 seconds of the blow, the ability cooldown resets and Mana’s cost is reimbursed. The pro of this skill is that it can be enhanced by talents to inflict damage even in a small area, and also has a wide range, which is also its main defect.

If the distances are not well calculated, the risk is to end up in the middle of the enemy lines or, in the case of pursuit, to hurl behind the enemy gates and undergo the fire of the turrets. There is always deviation and Cyber-agility to leave, but it takes great reflections.

We see the usual double heroic ability (R): Dragon Sword and Cross-Assault. With Dragon Sword, Genji takes off his iconic blade with an original fight scream, which remains available for 8 seconds. At this juncture, through Q and R you can reactivate the ability to push forward and hit an enemy for 240 damage, and if they die within 2 seconds of the shot, the Rapid Assault Recovery time is cleared. To make the best of the Sword of the Dragon you have to move a lot, to chase your opponents and finish them.

Crossed assault, instead, marks two cross strokes that inflict 135 damage. Squatters explode after 1.25 seconds and inflict 270 additional damage to enemies in the area. If the Dragon Sword requires great concentration and readiness, Crossed Assault is a simpler skill that is activated, does what it needs, and so many greetings. The Genji and the Dragon

The first games with Genji are not easy, because they have been spying on skills, but their recovery times are slow, unless the conditions for resetting them are activated. After a couple of matches, however, Genji becomes relatively easy to use in itself, the problem is that it takes some remarkable reflexes to be truly influential in the battlefield.

Heroes of the Storm: the honor of Genji

I really like the idea of ​​mobility, because with its moves it can take off from harmful effects, attack enemies from unpredictable positions, and of course chase the fleeing enemies very easily. About escape, it’s difficult to really get “stuck” with Genji because, unlike Cassia (the last assassin I’ve ever scanned ), the Overwatch ninja of ways to escape has several. Immediately into a mental setting made of continuous movements.

You hire an enemy, hit, jumps, resets, then returns to attack, jumps off, and goes on doing so.
If, like me, you do not feel completely comfortable with your reflections, Genji is not the hero for you.