Heroes of the Storm: Lucio at the console

Lucio is a pure support hero with a little offensive potential above zero. It’s very easy to use, the first approach to the character is intuitive and you can immediately use your skills without too much study. As usual, however, Lucio lends itself to some small refinements for the most capable players, mainly regarding his distinctive trait.

With Racing on the Walls, in fact, Lucio can walk on impenetrable structures by skating on them, thus crossing the enemy units and getting a 20% speed bonus for a few seconds, which is added to any other bonus earned. Some of his talents, too, go to play on this factor by triggering other perk when Racing on the Walls is used.

Let’s see the other character skills: Onda Sonora (Q) deals damage to the area and rejects the enemies; Quick Vibrations / Curative Vibrations (W) with which Lucio can respectively increase the speed of comrades as long as it is active, or treat its allies to the area, just like in Overwatch ; Maximum Volume (E) boosts the effect of active vibration, thus increasing the speed of the comrades or the score of the cure. Good support skills, all dedicated to supporting teammates.

Heroic abilities, two as by tradition: Sound Barrier (R) that provides Lucius and his allies with a powerful shield that runs out in seconds; Reverse Amplification (R) that affects heroes the inverse effect of vibration currently running, hurting or slowing down opponents, while maintaining its beneficial effect on allies.

This second skill is very interesting because it is Lucio’s most powerful offensive element, nevertheless renouncing to the benevolent effect of the allies. On paper is very interesting because it lends itself to nothing bad, but having done both of the real bigger effectiveness (especially in teamfights) it has the Sound Barrier. The shield placed at the right time is always an annoying element for opponents who, as Lucio has to intervene, have already downloaded most of their heroic skills.

At the center of the play Play Lucio is simple since the first game. Having no extreme damage output, even though it can shoot in motion without needing to recharge, Lucio is a character who must always be the shadow of his allies.

Heroes of the Storm: Lucio at the console

What makes a difference is knowing how to read the situation up to a few seconds ahead to figure out when to change between the two vibrations and / or amplify the effect at the right time. Rapid Vibrations is perfect for leaks and pursuits (you learn to activate them only to the last for the surprise effect though), while Vibrations Curative is obviously necessary for sustaining allies in teamfights that, together with Volume at the Massimo, can benefit from a large amount of care in relatively short time. This is really the only difficulty in playing a character that, otherwise, can immediately figure out.
Lucio is a very mobile character, though he does not have a ride. Once he is “out”, it will be difficult to reach him because of the rapid vibration and the bonus obtained by Racing on the Walls. In the same way he can quickly reach his opponents in difficulty.
It suffers a bit of the slowdown effects, in the sense that escape options are not too intuitive. There are some talents in this regard that help, as a very useful one, that removes all debuffs at Volume Activation at Maximum. Let’s say you have to be careful about the circumstances, so that you do not get caught up in situations where, most of the time, you just go out with a respawn.