Heroes of the Storm: Cassia at Charge

Cassia is a killer-type hero, so her peculiarity is to hire heroes (preferably in 1v1) and break them down as soon as possible. In this regard, it is very interesting his distinctive trait, a passive ability that works when Cassia is stationed, to emphasize his body-to-body wrestler. Moving without a ride, in fact, gets 65 points of physical resistance against the base attacks of heroes, thus reducing 65% of the damage suffered.

Even all other skills are dedicated to single-handedness, even if they are lending to occasional farming. With Fully Furious (Q), Cassia raises a lightning jar that inflicts 175 damage to the first enemy hit, and divides into two sails that inflict the same damage to the enemies on their path.

This is an interesting skillshot, because among the talents there is also the ability to make it stunning, or to make it perforating and to divide it only when striking the heroes, thus facilitating teamfight with minions that hamper the shooting line. 

Blind Light (W) is an AoE blinding enemies for 2s after 0.5s from launch. In addition, Cassia defaults 15% of additional damage to blind targets. This is, in fact, the most useful skill to use in case you find yourself having to tire, to quickly release a small area from the presence of minions.

The engagement ability is Stoccata (E), with which Cassia projects to an enemy and after 1.5s of channeling strikes all enemies in a small era. Skill inflicts 78 damage to enemies in front of him every 0.25s, but 50% less than non-heroic enemies.

The defect of this skill is that, being static, just get out of the cone to avoid any damage. Talents compensate for this problem because they can expand the cone area or simply increase the inflicted damage.

We come to the usual two heroic abilities (R). Globular Lightning flies against an enemy hero, and the ball bounces up to 6 times between her and nearby enemy heroes, inflicting 200 damage to those who are hit. Valchiria, on the other hand, evokes a fight by the Valhalla, which after 0.75s flies in the direction of Cassia, dragging with the first enemy enemy hit and inflicting 190 damage and a stunning of 0.5s at the end of the course, while the other heroes are rejected.

I personally preferred to use Valchiria most often because it is more suited to Cassia’s style of play, it is better suited to end an enemy or to catch those who are running away (although the ray is not long). Globular Lightning, however, has an objective utility within the teamfight, since it deals with automatic bouncing damage and, among the talents,

Heroes of the Storm: Cassia at Charge

Search and Destroy
Cassia is a simple hero to understand and play, his synergies are not intricate and his focus is fairly clear. His place is obviously in the front row in the clashes, but be careful not to remain in numerical inferiority, because Cassia has no escape skills, though his distinctive traction helps to get away and resist the shots more.

The most useful talents are those that boost Fury (Q), and on those you should concentrate from the mission of the first level dedicated, since it is the skill you will use most often. For the rest, Cassia does not require big strategies, if not an intelligent use of Blind Light (W), to debilitate opponents and help you close a killing with the bonus of damage. Among talents it is imperative that you power the walking speed of the distinctive trait, since it is unwise to often resort to the ride and most of the time you will be hanged.