Gamer Girl streamer game received a flurry of criticism – Sony had to hide the trailer

Recently announced by the company Wales interactive FMV thriller Gamer girl Faced a negative reaction in the network. Some users considered this project inappropriate against the background of real problems that real streamers may face. It’s about harassment, sexual harassment and threats.

Published on the official YouTube channel Playstation After the huge number of dislikes and angry comments, the announcing game trailer was hidden by privacy settings. At the same time, the video can still be viewed on a number of other channels.

In Gamer Girl, players take on the role of a channel moderator for aspiring streamer Abicake99, who returned after the mysterious disappearance of her friend Becky. The authors of the game promise a non-linear narrative with different scenarios. At the same time, a distinctive feature of Gamer Girl will be a simulation of a live chat, which users need to control as a moderator.

The game from small studio FMV Future Games hit the Twitter trends and became a hot topic of discussion.

“If you support Gamer Girl, you turn a blind eye to real women streamers being harassed by real people. Sweet Anita.

“The next time I come to your house, you will die,” says the threat from the pursuer.

Critics point out that every streamer regularly receives threats of reprisal and sexual violence.

Some netizens also drew attention to the picture with the composition of the studio-developer of the game about streamer – only representatives of the male team are visible on it.

In their defense, the developers of the game stated that the problem of the toxicity of Internet communities was the reason for creating the game. He wanted to demonstrate how support for the moderator can help streamers.

The studio also recalled that the plot of the game was co-written with actress Alexandra Burton, who played the role of a streamer and “improvised the entire script.”

Regardless of how the game is perceived in the long run, it certainly sparked discussions about the dangers faced by streamers in real life.

The release of Gamer Girl is still scheduled for September 2023 for Playstation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PC.

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