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The Witcher

Not so long ago Henry Cavill talked about the process of creating the massacre in Blaviken from the first series The Witcher, and now the actor told about his work with swords on the set of the show.

In the beginning, he talked about the nature of the Witcher’s weapons, recalling that the steel sword is used against people and monsters, and the silver one is suitable for battles with various creatures of magical nature.

But since the character usually uses the second sword after special preparation for the battle, the rest of the time he holds it on the back of the faithful Roach. The steel sword, by the way, is decorated with a Renfrey brooch, which serves as a reminder that you should not once again interfere in the affairs of people, because often they ultimately bring only pain.

According to Cavill, at a certain point in the shooting, he asked to change the design of the hilt of the steel sword, since the original version did not fit the style of the battle of Geralt, and it was not so easy to deal with.

On the set, they used several types of swords. Usually it was a lighter and safer version of the weapon, which should not be accidentally injured by another actor. In addition, rubber swords were present at the site – they were used in scenes when the blades were close to the artists’ faces.

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Also in one of the new interviews for Bbc radio 1 Cavill admitted that most of Geralt’s “grunting roars” were already recorded in post-processing, and on the set some actors did not always know whether some emotion would follow this emotion or not.

It also turned out that the actor in the famous scene with the bathroom tried to lie in it in the same way as Geralt in The Witcher 3, however, the shape of the bucket was not suitable for such a posture and sending did not work.

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