Hello Neighbor for PC offer to take for free and forever

PC players were invited to replenish the collection of games in the property, and completely free and forever get the full version of the famous game Hello neighbor (“Hi, neighbor”).

According to Gamebomb.ru, a new distribution was launched in the Epic Games Store game service on a PC. In order to take part in the new promotion, players will need their own account in the EGS store. To pick up the full version of the game Hello Neighbor from the studio Dynamic pixels, gamers need to go to the project page, and click the “Get Free” button. Then you just need to confirm your free order so that the game is forever tied to your account in the Epic Games Store.

The distribution of the game “Hello, neighbor” will be one of the last this year in EGS, and only the last promised gift from the game service awaits the players. It is still unknown whether the free giveaways in the Epic Games Store will end at this, or whether the company plans to regularly please users with free PC games in 2023.

The game Hello Neighbor (“Hello Neighbor”) was released in December 2017, and is available on PC and Xbox One. According to Gamebomb.ru, in Hello Neighbor, players need to learn the secrets that their own neighbor hides in the basement of their home. At the same time, the neighbor constantly monitors the activities of players in order to prevent them from achieving their goals in every way, and even sets traps on the players’ path.