Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Game Review of the main character

It will be a review. Overview? Objective review on Hellblade . Good game? How do you know? I know! With whom do you talk? I’m here all alone …

The voices in my head ridiculed me. My favorite? What happened to him? Where has he gone? Why am I here? Why am I trying to kill terrible warriors with a skull for a head? Why is my sword so rarely leaves the rest of its sheath?

I remember. I know! I swam in this terrible place, to bring back my beloved back to life. Hel. Yes, Hel! It power over life and death. Hel will be able to give me back my love. So he made me in his arms, and I clung to his chest and finally found peace. Why these voices can not be silent?

They do not want to shut up – keep telling about this world, about my chances of success of my childhood and the trials that I experienced, and have yet to meet.

The voices speak simultaneously or alternately. They can shout so that their hubbub ears start to hurt and crack head …

And sometimes switching to a sinister whisper, which stops the heart in horror. Hatred and bile in their speeches, cut the flesh like a rusty blade, fills with pus wounds and death. But sometimes they are useful. Sometimes they change the temper justice with mercy and warn of impending danger or shout excitedly when the mean enemy tries to strike back.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Game Review of the main characterHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Game Review of the main character

But I do not need their advice! I myself can not cope! My punches can be so strong that the enemies fall down to the ground! Or fast as the flutter of bird wings – then I remain elusive. My reflexes are perfect if I concentrate on the battle, even the time slows down, making my enemies completely helpless.

Help … Yes, help. Voices will help me deal with this fake reality. Why is it not in a hurry to share their secrets? Why it is woven from illusions?

Why is there a dead end where it should not be, a bridge leads nowhere, and the doors bolted? For dense forests, sunlit meadows, the ruins of temples, where priests knelt wise and bloodthirsty warriors, lies something terrible and capricious in its impermanence.

Day can suddenly give way to night, and the sun at the time to hide the terrible storm, ready to rip the flesh from the bones. The visual splendor of the world is deceptive and this adventure quickly begins to bore me.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Game Review of the main characterHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Game Review of the main character

But my fate and the fate of my beloved may be defined in just a few minutes. In my veins flows the blood of not knowing tired warrior, ready to cover your body with blood enemies and scars wins, but my journey is more like a peaceful stroll under the murmur of voices in my head, rather than the journey to hell and back. Enemies reluctantly and rarely try to stop, but their strength is not enough to deal with me. Riddles and puzzles of ancient gods are too simple and rather annoying than create real obstacles in my way. I have come here to cheat death and snatch the soul of the person who is dear to me, clawed paws of Hel, and not to look at the ancient runes, which are inscribed doors and stone walls.

Local horrors – not more than an illusion, ready to turn into dust and vanish in the wind, standing just close your eyes and how to focus. But the madness of this world can destroy me if I am too often fall victim to the trials that sometimes stand in my way. And then – the end. All my efforts will be in vain, and I have to start from scratch. I need to be strong … But even this can be a little, when the end of my adventure reality finally bezumeet in his dishonor, and it breaks the established rules of the same.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Game Review of the main characterHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Game Review of the main character

This short trip will be remembered for a long time to me. It showed me a lot of the edge of madness, true love and the possibilities of the human mind. Only at the very end of it darkened unjustified complexity, when the negligence and carelessness nearly sent me to the very beginning of the path …