Heliborne military helicopter pilot simulator will be released on consoles – review

Polish publishing house Klabater announces launch of military helicopter game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Heliborne. For this, the company bought from the studio Jetcat games full rights to both the game itself and the Heliborne trademark.
JetCat Games and Klabater launch Heliborne’s simulator Steam in 2017, after the game spent more than a year in early access. Since then, a whole series of updates and content sets has come to Heliborne – mainly packages of various camouflage.

At a certain stage, the publisher, which until then had mainly been involved in Heliborne advertising, decided that it was worth interfering in the development of the game. The company is confident that obtaining the rights to the project will allow us to add new content and conduct gaming events.

For some time, the Klabater development team has been working on moving Heliborne to the console. However, it is still unknown when this will happen.