Hearthstone: Coboldi & Catacombs

However, when such a result is achieved, development must always bear in mind the two currents of thought of its users which inevitably pull towards two different directions.


The Pro players would like a game always balanced, where the ability and the construction of the deck can be worth on all the rest while the casual, that of those 100 million represent the biggest slice, they want to continue to have fun without too many worries and maybe even win some matches during the classified matches.


Blizzard, as usual, has therefore decided that Coboldi and Catacombs would maintain this duality, a successful choice and that brought on the game servers several interesting innovations, keeping intact the spirit of the most successful online CCG.

Our review of Hearthstone: Coboldi & Catacombs


In order to satisfy the players less similar to the competitive mechanics it could have pushed the accelerator on the random abilities of the cards, on the extravagant powers of the heroes and on many other things. Blizzard has instead a brilliant idea capable of adding meat to the fire without necessarily going to affect the already precarious balance of play: solitary adventures.These had already been presented in the old raids, but here they come back in a new guise and, above all, they are free and usable by anyone, even by those who have just started and do not own any paper.


That’s right, Coboldi and Catacombs put quite a lot of challenges on the plate with a whole series of bosses with the most extravagant powers to deal with all the nine classes of the game, and they do it by providing all the tools of the case. Access the adventures, select the desired hero and as if by magic the deck will create itself. The difficulty curve is increasing and quite steep, so that even the fifth or sixth boss even the most prepared players could start to find the first difficulties.


There are some variables that will heavily influence the success of the company, one above all the need after each win to choose three exclusive cards that will add to our preset deck.


Usually they are divided by theme, allowing you to choose between spell or allies of jade or even large beasts to play advanced rounds, with the addition of the ability to ignore beautifully all the limits of the legendary imposed by the usual rules for the construction of the deck.

To complicate matters even more, there are some passive bonuses that you can get between one match and the other that will give you very strong cards outside the normal collection, like a card that fills your side of the field with legendary creatures or abilities that they mix the decks and reduce the cost of the cards with always pretty fun find. These boosts will be essential to get to the end of the dungeon and, trust me, if we tell you that the bosses you have to face do not have the slightest desire to leave the field free.


Defeat all the adventures with all the characters and you will receive as a gift a new back, a reward a bit ‘too poor for the effort and effort required.The weakest side of all this is in fact the absence of any gold coin or sachet gains, a mode that remains in short an end to itself and the fun that comes from it. 


We find however that this is one of the best and most appreciable introductions on Hearthstone since the launch and we really hope that things are further explored by Blizzard also with the new seasons, adding new bosses and new options and why not, maybe even creating small dungeons payment with rewards in a similar way to what already happens with the arenas.