Head of Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft needs Marvel and Lord of the Rings characters and stories

Indoor Studios Microsoft They are interested in creating projects that can captivate players around the world for a long time. This was told by the head Xbox Game Studios Matt Butie

The company wants to keep the quality bar at a high level and make sure that it releases exclusive projects that fans Xbox will be proud. At the same time, Buti added that teams need to create such characters, stories and worlds that can attract the attention of an audience for generations.

He cited level characters as an example. Marvel and “Lord of the rings

“When these Marvel characters were first introduced in the 1960s, no one knew that a thing called Netflix. But here we are, and the Marvel character library is included in the turnover of streaming services, “said the top manager.

Buti added that Microsoft now has franchises such as Halo and Minecraftwhich are represented in other areas: toys, series, books and so on.

“We need to focus on creating such projects that will really pass from generation to generation and function for some time,” he emphasized.

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