Let’s be clear immediately – Has-Been Heroes does not shine in the plot. Moreover – it then nothing at all. As planned by the writers, the heroes of the company in the face of a warrior, mage, and thief, has decided to earn extra money and hired to accompany the daughters of the king in the school.

Somehow, Princess studying away from home, and hordes of monsters live between the castle and learning. The task of gamers – to bring the girls safe and sound from one point to another. At this done with a plot.


Has-Been Heroes - review
The meeting with the boss.


Only forward!


The game takes place on a two-dimensional locations. A total of 13, they are randomly generated, and at the end of level boss is always inhabited. From the gamer is required to destroy the crowd of monsters, discover new characters, collect useful items, learn fresh skills and move forward. It would seem, nothing complicated, but in the case of Has-Been Heroesthis is not true.

No wonder that we first talked about roguelike-elements, although the developers and implemented them in their own way. The fact is that if one of the characters dies – you start the level from the beginning. This is the norm for the roguelike genre, but further more.

Each time after the death of the hero, not only the map of the location, but also merchants skills, objects, recreation, random prizes and all kinds of travelers. Therefore, to get to the leader can seriously armed, and having bought the powerful abilities, or vice versa – with almost no health and with a minimum of spells.

The last situation is not uncommon, and it is annoying. It turns out that in the Has-Been Heroes success of passing the mission depends largely not on the tactical skills of the player, and from blind chance.

Yes, it adds to the complexity of the game, and the brain is working at the limit. But it turns out, that each new passage we do not use all the available diversity of active and passive abilities, buffs, debuffs, items and weapons, and to be content with the fact that the identified event for us.

The developers of the Frozenbyte created 300 spells, 200 subjects have come up with locations and generated additional characters. And then themselves partially limited access to players that content.

Yes, as we move on the cards will be opened scrolls with skills, new items and useful buffs. But you soon get tired of playing, than to feel at least half of the developers created.


Has-Been Heroes - review
Fortune is on our side.


His Majesty the case


During the fighting and move the map, the screen is divided into the panel of skills and battlefield itself. It consists of three lines, on which the characters go ahead and meet the enemy. In addition to health bar, both sides received the shield of endurance.

Characters swap places on the lines and cut down opponents in their own way. Each of them gets a certain amount of damage to the shield and health. In addition, characters stun opponents a critical hit or miss hit with minimal efficacy. In this case, the running battle RPG component.

The very essence of the battle is to deal damage with different characters in that order, to destroy enemies faster and to prevent their princesses.

And even though the battle take place rapidly, the players have time to think – the right mouse button puts the battle on a tactical pause and give the hero to move to the desired line. In this battle fever it is important not to forget about the scrolls obtained from the skills and constantly use them as soon as possible.