Hammer gas with MotoGP 17

MotoGP 17 comes with a very difficult task to complete: on one side is the chapter of the return to the origins after the yellow hangover of last year that saw the undisputed protagonist Valentino Rossi, while the other is a title that acts as a bridge to an epochal passage for Milestone closer to decommissioning its current proprietary graphic engine to move to the more versatile and performing Unreal Engine 4.


Two extremely delicate and thorny aspects, which could discourage players even before taking the pad in hand. Yet the guys from the Milan software house exude passion for the two wheels and their latest work is a clear demonstration. Without touching the peaks of the series, we anticipate that MotoGP 17 did not leave us disappointed.


The real news of MotoGP 17 is the arrival of the managerial career that allows us to lead a team of the MotoGP while covering the role of official driver and patron of the team, thus managing every aspect of the activity even off the track. But let’s go in order. Once the team is founded,


we will proceed to the registration of the Moto3 championship facing the pre-season in fervent market sessions to bring together the best possible group with the – few – credits available. Chosen bikes and sponsors, it is the turn of the two drivers: as mentioned, the player will also play the role of pilot within his team, but it remains to choose the teammate between a handful of prospects of beautiful hopes on which to invest for the future seasons


.Here then emerge the first most managerial aspect of the mode that will see us constantly keep an eye on the performance of our boxmate who, being always controlled by artificial intelligence, will progressively improve thanks to the training and development of the bike. 


In fact, this is a roleplaying production: at the end of each race, attributes such as braking, acceleration control, cornering ability and body position are improved, making the control of vehicles easier and more natural with the passing of the seasons. improve the performance of our drivers.

Hammer gas with MotoGP 17

In this sense, the freedom is very wide thanks to the possibility of investing the credits earned at each race thanks to sponsors and placings in different aspects from the team such as the Research and Development department to directly improve the bike by developing new solutions for engine,


chassis , suspensions and brakes, up to the track engineers, drivers, telemetryers who help to fine-tune the bike during the race weekend. Then there are a great variety of figures that deal with marketing, community management,


PR, but also chefs and athletic trainers who help riders to improve performance on and off the track with a system of investments and weekly revenues that will have to be managed at best for avoiding to stay green.


The season is composed of the 18 official races scheduled this year, and it is a pity that the winter tests and the various sessions scheduled in the season were completely missed, which would have been a very welcome addition to realism to allow us to have a few weeks in


more in which to work on the improvements of the bike. Between one race and another we will have to divide up into a series of extra activities, such as a photo session for the sponsor from which to earn extra credits, staff updating courses, autograph sessions to consolidate our precious bond with the fans, or gym workouts that reward us with bonuses in experience points.


In short, MotoGp 17 has amazed us with a truly articulated and multifaceted way that will surely satisfy the managerial aims of the most passionate, going to offer an experience and a game structure certainly more rewarding than a simple pilot career. The goal is not only to climb the rankings to the sound of the world won to get to dominate the premier class, Moto GP,


but also to keep active and winning our teams that militate in the minor leagues engaging drivers, mechanics and staff to get the best results. Despite the managerial mode adds a good amount of depth compared to the usual pilot career, in MotoGP 17 you feel heavily the gap compared to the chapter of ‘


The last title of Milestone therefore lacks that overwhelming amount of content and variety that Valentino Rossi had accustomed us to: The Game that alternated between two-wheel training sessions of rally and flat track, with the season that culminated with the rally of Monza and the Team Endurach. In addition to the career mode, which sees the addition of the Red Bull MotoGP


Rookies Cup that last year was a separate DLC, you can organize entire championships or individual Grand Prix of different categories, ranging from the MotoGP classes, up to the old 125cc and 250cc two-stroke, going through the 500cc at 2 and 4 stroke and of course the Moto2 and Moto3 categories of the current championship.