Halo: Spartan Assault

Halo: Spartan Assault is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s most successful franchise that arrives, however, in a format different from the previous ones. The company announced a new delivery of the Halo universe for Windows 8 and Windos Phone 8 that for some days is available to download at a price of 5.99 euros. A title that completely changes the record and


releases the action game in third person with overhead view that also adapts to touch controls in the case of the version for Smartphone. Neither FPS as tradition nor RTS mandates as seen in Halo Wars for an entertaining and essentially Halo bet, which is no small thing.

The title is developed by Vanguard Games , a company that does not have a very prolific history of video games and that has had the collaboration of 343 Industries, a company that picked up the baton of Bungie to continue designing games of the Halo saga and that has various former workers of the original creators of intellectual property. This spin-off bet on the style of game ”


Top Down Shooter“, That would come to be an action title with a view similar to strategy games and in which based on clicks with the mouse we can shoot and point to everything we see on the screen. In total, just over 800 megabytes -version Windows 8- to download from the Microsoft store that is also linked to our Xbox Liveprofile , so you can get 200 points of achievement.

The title is very faithful to the visual level and has classic elements of the latest Halo, such as combat skills.
The title is very faithful to the visual level and has classic elements of the latest Halo, such as combat skills.

Palmer and Davis
The game is located between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4 and talks about the first missions of the Spartan IV during the battle of Draethus V between the UNSC and the Covenant. As it happened with the War Games that the Spartans use to train, the title


develops the story through a computer simulation that allows the soldiers to prepare themselves for the real battles.


The two protagonists that we will control throughout this adventure are Sarah Palmer and Davis, that the action will be distributed along five chapters that in turn are divided into five missions each. They are short levels that last between 5 and 10 minutes each, so you can finish the game in about two hours or two and a half hours.

Focusing on the analyzed version of PC , the type of control becomes simple and intuitive in a short time. With the WASD keys we can move totally free our Spartan -Davis in some levels, Palmer in others- while we support ourselves with the mouse to be able to


point with a peephole to any area of ​​the stage that we have visible and shoot with the left click. With the right click we can throw the grenades. Around the movement controls we have several keys that allow us to exchange the weapon that we carry through the secondary, pick up weapons from the ground or place some important objects -as bombs in certain targets- and activate the abilities that the Spartans IV have and that are heirs of the Halo saga.


Each of the episodes begins with a video in comic format that tells the preview of what we will find in those five missions. In addition, each phase within the


episode has a presentation in which we are explained the situation faced by the UNSC and the objectives that must be met. The only ‘but’ that can be found in the introductory videos is that despite being dubbed into Castilian,


the voice is neutral Spanish that may sound weird in our country. But nothing worrying. Highlight, as a curious addition, that the title has a comic called Initation that talks about the steps of the two Spartans protagonists of the game and their meeting before starting to end the Covenant .