Halo 5 creators campaign to take action: Microsoft is investing in #BlackLivesMatter

Company Microsoft announced additional measures to support the black US population. This happened amid raging riots and political unrest.

The first in the list of studios that supported the new initiative appear 343 industriesgame series developers Halo. From June 19 to July 19, revenue for all purchases of in-game item sets and improvements in Halo 5: Guardians will go to the account of the organization NAACPdealing with the rights of the African American population.

“343 Industries is committed to supporting our black colleagues, friends, players, and the community at large in countering racism. We sincerely believe that black lives are important.

We are inspired by the countless display of genuine hope from the true heroes of civic activism.

Halo fans always rallied together against adversity and adversity and came to the rescue of those who need it. Therefore, we ask – help us. Take action, listen, enlighten, look for an opportunity to change the situation, do not be silent, “- says the appeal of the Halo developers.

Besides 343 industries promised to tighten measures to control user behavior in their games in order to eradicate any manifestations of intolerance and make Halo as much as possible “inclusive and inclusive universe

As for direct support from Microsoft, then the company assured that it will spend one and a half million dollars for donation to various organizations and foundations, including the aforementioned NAACP and movement #Blacklivesmatter.

Recall that the death of an African American George Floyd entailed a chain reaction from the most diverse sectors of the population, which resulted in protests and pogroms in many cities in the United States, which greatly influenced the entertainment industry.

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