Hacking at 4K

 Watch dogs 2 review

Marcus “Retr0” Holloway, a twenty-four-year-old hacker with remarkable athletic abilities, manages to enter Blume’s servers and erase his profile, thus escaping from law enforcement radar.


Proof of skill earned him entry into the San Francisco DedSec, a group determined to reveal to the world the shady business of the ruthless multinational that, using the ctOS 2.0, it is usual to file people, to spy their preferences for commercial purposes and even orientate its political choices.In view of a new and colorful crew, made up of very special people,


Marcus is therefore dedicated to completing missions of various kinds around the Bay Area, with the ultimate goal of getting the group a sufficient number of followers to share the computing power needed to pierce the enemy’s servers and publicly expose the wrongdoings.


This is the incipit of Watch Dogs 2 , the new action adventure developed by Ubisoft, which arrives on PC two weeks after the release  watch dogs 2 ps4  and watch dogs 2 xbox one. A well repaid wait? Let’s find out together.

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Watch Dogs 2 is great to watch on PC, with a good conversion and a rich sandbox

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Watch Dogs 2 distances itself from the first episode of the series under various aspects, given that the protagonists and the scenario change completely; but it is in particular the tone of the plot to surprise:

Hacking at 4K

Aiden Pearce acted for revenge against those who had caused the death of his niece and used technology as a mere instrument for their own ends, while Marcus wants to destroy the Blume more than anything in principle, although the aggressive profiling used by the company is it was an unjust sentence some years before.


The assumptions change, the general atmosphere changes and, we can say, the narration does not benefit much, although this time the supporting actors enjoy a much more successful characterization, especially the mysterious and crazy Wrench.


The shortcomings from the point of view of history, however, are compensated by a large map double the original Chicago, which includes not only the city of San Francisco but also areas like Marin, Oakland, Civic and Silicon Valley; and by more multifaceted and interesting gameplay mechanisms, especially thanks to the introduction of drones, which greatly increase the strategic rate of the action.


The approach is not really far from that of the first Watch Dogs, but things to do and see have increased. Particularly they convince the secondary missions, strong of a design that has nothing to envy to the main quests, indeed often a harbinger of fascinating experiments.


The probability of completing the missions in Watch Dogs 2 goes hand in hand with the growth of our dedsec character, who can unlock new skills through a rich tree, using experience points earned on the field to get a more immediate hacking of any type of vehicle, improve their combat capabilities, add functionality to the violation of enemy phones and even activate security protocols or make false blows to the gangs to quickly get rid of an awkward target.

The plot, as mentioned, does not take off and even on the PC there is an annoying leveling of the audio sound of the dialogues during some cutscene (especially the first), but the abundance of everything else and the solidity of the system, which arises like the natural evolution of the first chapter, they certainly close an eye to these shortcomings.


The vast amount of vehicles that we can “borrow” on the streets of the city, the discreet arsenal and the many easter eggs are in short to draw the picture of an engaging and exciting experience, designed more for a stealth approach than for frontal collisions(in fact the gunplay does not astonish, indeed), and in this sense decidedly successful.


The guards who patrol the “forbidden areas” are in fact quite shrewd, quickly call reinforcements and tend to surround us strong that the state of alert will not return until a few minutes later. Resisting their shots is practically impossible and there are no enhancements that can harden the skin, so we will have to take care of the planning very well, especially using the drones we mentioned earlier, to activate environmental traps and knocking out enemies silently, one at a time.


 Watch dogs 2 release date

 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) (PC (Windows))

System requirements

Intel Core i5 2400s 2.5 GHz, 6 GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870

Intel Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 290