Within the vast universe that is related to this saga (videogames, OVAs, manga, etc.) the subseries .hack GU is still darker and denser than the original, at least in my opinion. And just the trilogy appeared in his day for PS2 (Rebirth, Reminisce and Redemption) is


part of this collection that is called .hack // GU Last Recode , although the same episode has been added (or volume ) Completely new: Reconnection .


The World is the place that hosts this series. A virtual but not real MMO game (remember that we talked about PS2 times) starring Haseo , the central character of this whole multiadventure. A type that due to certain “problems” that take place at the


beginning of the first volume that holds this collection, Rebirth , becomes a machine to annihilate the so-called PK (Player Killers), that is, the players who are dedicated to killing other players that go into said


fictitious MMORPG. Without wanting to reveal anything too important, due to a very powerful enemy called Tri-Edge, the protagonist sees how his power is reduced to the minimum (level 1) and from there his story begins. A plot incredibly well recreated, narra


ted and that without a doubt and at least in my opinion it becomes one of the main hooks that owns both the franchise itself and this compilation, although it is not the only one.



Welcome back to The World

I have been very struck by what is still current the gameplay that was embodied in the original works, very enjoyable in our days despite the fact that in certain aspects its antiquity is noticeable. For starters, in each of the adventures we can enjoy fairly frequent combats that take place in real timeonce we run into the rivals in turn who roam the funds. These battles take place

in closed spaces (something that did not happen in the main saga) and during them we can carry out numerous actions, including special attacks. The system is somewhat archaic in the current times but fortunately despite that the races are still more or less en
joyable. These confrontations become one of the main pillars that shape the title … but it is not the only one, much less.


.hack // GU Last Recode analysis

As in Sword Art Online, in this game we are immersed in a fictional MMORPG game.

The World is a vast world in every sense and hosts almost everything, from cities and towns where it is possible to market and dialogue (in English ) with a large number of characters to large areas of play that we can walk or walk board vehicles that offer


many hours of exploration. But it is also possible to read emails and consult forums (all this fictional, you know), watch a kind of television progr


ams, create teams of allies (which are controlled by the CPU), delve into the fearsome and sometimes complicated dungeons … No doubt It is an adventure in which there is much to do, enjoy and “entangle”, being a very complex title in a good way.


.hack // GU Last Recode PC

The video scenes have been remade in HD

In addition everything that is happening is well accompanied by video scenesthat have been remade in HD and that look really good.

 Anime sequences that have often surprised me by their frenetism and quality, which above serve to unravel the joint plot, much more complex and dark than usual in this type of titles in modern times.


.hack // GU Last Recode

The dubbing in Japanese is really good, although the texts have not been translated into our language.

And what’s new in this edition beyond the visual improvements integrated into the sequences? Well, several, being the most significant fa


ce washing so notorious that has been carried out in all the original games. The overall title works at 1080p and 60 frames per second on PS


4, and 4K on PS4 Pro and PC, to which are added improvements in lighting, in the treatment of some textures and in image filters. Despite this and given that the original titles were released on PS2 do not expect great technical boasts, but the improvements are very noticeable.


.hack // GU Last Recode PC

In the playable have also been integrated many new features, such as the ability to play the whole adventure and from the beginnin


g with all the skills and statistics maximized, which has been included for those who only want to follow the plot without worrying about nothing else. The difficulty has also been smoothed in certain points and specific confrontations,


the speed of execution of some actions has increased, the interface has been redesigned … Retouching of all kinds that, however, are overshadowed by the real claim that this edition presents: inclusion of an unpublished chapter : Reconnection.


Everything that this episode offers us is completely new and it is worthwhile to play it because it gives answer to certain plot gaps left in volu


me 3 (Redemption). Of course, from 20-25 hours on average that lasts each of these original episodes, Reconnection only gives for about 4 or 5 hours, being more an epilogue or closure than a complete adventure.